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Jeffree Star Quits YouTube & Discusses The Decline Of The Video Platform

JeffreeStar appears to have no plans to stay on YouTube for a long time, which is something that cannot be determined.

There are approximately 16 million subscribers and more than 2.5 billion views on the 36-year-old beauty expert’s channel, which has been active since early 2006, and he is also a brand owner.

It Has Been Announced That He Will Step Down From The Platform

As part of his upcoming docu-series with another YouTuber Shane Dawson, he announced plans to step down from the platform, but not before announcing his intention to depart from it. The second episode ended with Jeffree saying that he should hang the button he had at the end of the first episode. As far as he is concerned, there are just two videos left, and that will be all he needs to do.

His decision was explained straightforwardly by him in a brief statement. According to him, YouTube is no longer watched by many people. Therefore, he doesn’t see the point in doing so anymore. This is because nobody is watching it, and no one is interested in it anymore, so why should he bother doing that? “Nobody cares about YouTube. As far as I know, not a single person turns to her for pleasure or fun anymore,” Jeff Free said in his reply.

As he said, he has accomplished a lot over the years: “I have accomplished everything that I set out to do. I’ve done every makeup review, every tutorial, and every surgery. Everyone … did makeup in hot air balloons and on a raft in Montana. So I’ve already done everything, so it’s time to hang up my frigging hat and focus on other things,” he explained before adding that, despite what most of us think, “YouTube sucks.”

TikTok Has Gained A Lot Of Popularity Over The Past Few Years. According To Him

The show began with Jeffree discussing the rising popularity of TikTok, where he has been posting content on his channel through TikTok. The majority of people do not turn to YouTube to watch revelations. Instead, they log on to TikTok to find out what is happening worldwide.

He also said he preferred the content he had created on YouTube over the updated app. However, he did admit that the updated app offered a greater sense of instant gratification than the older one.

About Jeffree Star

Jeffree Star has been making waves in the glam world in all his eccentricities with his music and beauty-centric videos that have gained widespread attention. For quite some time now, Jeffree’s electrifying persona has been causing a stir with hot pink hair and heavy eye makeup.

Star has been a beauty guru for over a decade and now uses social media to showcase all he is passionate about. He doesn’t need validation to prove his worth. Additionally, this pop singer has a track record of defying gender stereotypes and clichés with her music.

The unabashed enthusiasm Star has for fashion, and makeup has earned him over 3.7 million subscribers on his self-titled YouTube channel. In addition, more than 10 million views have been viewed of his music videos. You cannot miss Jeffree Star’s social media fame, soak in his awesomeness and enjoy his incredible fame.

Jeffree may leave YouTube after posting a few more videos since there is nothing to be gained from YouTube in the future. How do you feel about this? Please let us know in the comments below.


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  1. There is a little error concerning the numbers: Jeffree Star currently has 15.9 million subscribers on YouTube, 13.9 million on Instagram, 2.7 million on Tiktok.
    To understand why he feels nobody is watching his videos: His most viewed video on YouTube had 43 million views. But the views have declined in the YouTube makeup world because of Covid, more competition, the algorithm, trends have changed and other things.
    Many of the fans are very sad to hear Jeffree Star is going to stop making YouTube videos. But on the other hand, this man has so many businesses and works so hard, he has every right to do what is best for him and he has the money to do what gives him joy, and obviously YouTube does not make him happy anymore. I hope he keeps the old videos online, they are very enjoyable to watch. And who knows, trends might change again, new crazy ideas may come up …. And we are also waiting for his book!

  2. He’s completely delusional about YouTube, the number 2 largest search engine in the world. His numbers are declining because HIS subscribers are getting tired of him and moving onto the next best thing.

    With the advent of YouTube Shorts AND monetization for these videos (that are paying WAY MORE than TikTok and Instagram combined), YT is now taking the short form video format by storm.

    If he was smart, he’d capitalize on that. He’s getting old, and his audience is aging and evolving too. Just admit it Starr, you don’t resonate with the newest crowd – as evidenced by your numbers.


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