British actress Jameela Jamil is known for being critical of marketing that targets women’s health and body, especially ones that promote weight loss. She was recently rightfully angered by a giant billboard she saw in Times Square, an advertisement for a lollipop which acts as an appetite suppressant.

Her post against the ad drew the attention of American rapper Azealia Banks, leading to a tiff between the two on Instagram.

Banks is famously known for her many feuds. In fact, she is the one who started a Twitter war with singer Zayn Malik, accusing him of copying her music video. She called him racial slurs like a “sand nigga” and “hairy curry scented bitch.” It led to somewhat of a Twitter movement wherein South Asians were proudly posting their images with the hashtag #curryscentedbitch.

In response to Jamil’s post stating that it is not her life goal to look smaller, Banks points out that America has an obesity issue. Banks continued to say that a woman was used in the company advertisement because it is owned by a woman.

“There are weight loss products marketed to men the same way bubblegum toothpaste is put in a Disney princess tube for girls and a toy story tube for boys,” Banks wrote on her Instagram post on Jamil’s image. “All of the ingredients are the same. I guess you will also complain about baby clothing companies making pink bonnets and bluebonnets saying they should be black in order for them to be gender neutral. It’s the same bonnet. I shave with men’s razors all the time. Lots of men use women’s shaving cream. Just eat the damn lollipop or not “

Jamil felt that Banks missed the point of her anger and did not agree with Banks’ opinion. She made sure to drop a line letting Banks know that she is not about to back down from her views.

“@azealiabanks … what are you doing…?” Jamil responded on Instagram. “Do you understand why I think it’s a little strange you have contacted me about this? I will win this argument, so don’t bother. There are better uses of your time, energy and supreme talent.”

Jamil made headlines recently for criticizing reality star Kim Kardashian for promoting the appetite suppressants. The London-born actress revealed that she battled with anorexia as a teenager and she can see the Kardashians are “broken women” who have been damaged by our society and instead of helping stop the “toxicity” they are constantly trying to “fix” themselves when there is nothing wrong and adding to it.

Jamil has proven that she is here to keep big corporations in check when it comes to female empowerment. She started the i_weigh movement on social media, in which women send in photos of themselves, writing about their life successes and not the measurements they weigh in. It’s inspiring to see her speak out and to see the women who are embracing this movement.

She currently stars in the NBC comedy “The Good Place.


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