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Jackson Wang Becomes the First Chinese to Perform at the Coachella Festival

Jackson Wang says K-Pop is not good because it’s K-Pop, K-Pop is good because it’s good music. Yes, he proved it too. The 28-year-old rapper has become the first Chinese singer to perform at the 2022 Coachella Festival.

A shirtless Jackson Wang made a surprise performance on the Coachella main stage on Saturday, April 16 on day two of Coachella’s opening weekend and fans cannot get over him. The unannounced appearance has thrilled K-Pop fans globally. Read on to know more.

Jackson writes history…

The founder of the record label “Team Wang” thrilled the stage of Coachella with his surprise performance on Saturday. He has become the first Chinese to perform at Coachella.

The Independent’s Leonie Cooper caught the Hong Kong rapper’s performance at LA-based 88rising’s showcase of musical talent from Asia. She reported:

“A mini version of [record label] 88rising’s own hugely successful Head in the Clouds festival, it’s the perfect potted variety show – with spots from Thai rapper Milli, South Korean singer-songwriter Bibi and Jakarta-born Taylor Swift co-signed singer Niki as well as Indonesian rappers Rich Brian and Warren Hue. “It is the unannounced appearance of Chinese superstar Jackson Wang, however, that makes the festival lose its collective mind.”

Wang took over the Coachella stage in style. He was seen wearing silver-blue hair and red gloves on majestic display. His ten-minute performance was inspired by Michael Jackson’s choreography.

Leonie also reported, “His LasVegas magician worthy flair left a whole lot of fans more than happy for his arrival. But also wondering why he wasn’t on stage for an hour longer at least.”

Wang performed his brand new single “Blow” at the glorious festival. The “Mirrors” artist went on to say during his performance, “This is the moment of history. This is ‘Magic man’. This is Jackson Wang from China.” And why not? This was an honourable moment for the star.

“Magic Man” gives Chills

Wang’s historical performance at Coachella couldn’t keep enthusiastic fans away from tweeting. One fan tweeted, “The stage was on fire”. Another fan wrote: Sh**, Jackson Wang. I am so proud of you. You broke it okay? That’s my artist, that’s my boy.”

The New Wang

In a recent interview, Wang revealed that he had been prepping and rehearsing nonstop, watching Blow’s view count rise to 15 million and more. Wang also said, “It is my first time. It’s once in a lifetime. I’m very honored and at the same time, I’m nervous. …  It’s not a negative nervous. I’m excited.”

If you don’t know this, Wang struggled with his mental health. He opened up about it during an interview regarding his upcoming album MAGICMAN. He revealed that he suffered a nervous breakdown but kept it to himself. However, his producers, fans and friends insisted that he should take a break.

Wang is back in action and high spirits, especially after this history-making performance at Coachella. Wang turned down a Standford University scholarship to pursue his music career and seems like it’s been worth it.

He announced his forthcoming album MAGICMAN recently. He revealed in an interview that his “nervous breakdown” lead to the making of this album so it’s going to be very special. Wang has a massive fanbase of 27-4 million followers on Instagram and 5.4 million on Twitter. What do you think about his performance at Coachella?

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