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Jack in the Box: J-Hope’s Solo Album Tracklist, Release Date and Time

The second chapter of BTS’s story has already begun, and on July 15, J-hope’s new solo album, Jack In The Box, will be released as part of the second chapter of BTS’ story. You can check out J-hope’s new album’s tracklist and its international release date here to get a head’s up on its highly anticipated release.

As the first K-pop juggernaut to set foot on the scene with a debut record, BTS member J-Hope is preparing for its release on Friday, July 15, which will mark his first public appearance.

J-Hope Has Revealed The Tracklist For His Solo Album

In a teaser clip posted on YouTube, he announced the work’s tracklist and listed his songs in an abstract 3D design that accompanied the announcement. ‘Jack In The Box’ features a total of ten tracks, as indicated in the video clip.

The checklist includes songs such as “Intro, Pandora’s Box, More, Stop, = (Equal Sign), Music Box: Reflection, What if…, Safety Zone, Future, Arson”.

The Singer Released ‘More’ Earlier This Month

The singer released a music video for the song ‘More’ earlier this month.

As soon as the K-pop idol receives a secretive perfect package, the video starts with him being transported to a bizarre world as the package is opened. It wasn’t long before the rapper’s apartment suddenly connected to a dystopian-looking office that he began to run.

He then changed out of his white get-up to accomplish the song’s rocking chorus that appeared to be a rundown garage as he performed the song’s chorus in all-white. He can be heard singing, “Hah, shout out / I say ‘more’ / Hah, yeah, right / ‘Cause I want some more,”.

The first palate of J-Hope’s debut album, ‘More,’ comes in the form of the track ‘More.’ As per the press release that Big Hit Music released, the member from the BTS group will be able to break out of the mold and reach new heights with the record.

As a result of this news, BTS is taking an impermanent off from group events to emphasize solo events. There has, however, been a clarification by Big Hit Music to clarify that it would not be a “hiatus” but rather that the septet will “harmoniously carry out their group and individual activities” as was previously reported.

The Release Date Of J-Hope’s Jack In The Box

Here is a look at some of the international release times for J-Hope’s Jack In The Box, which will be released on July 15 at 1 PM KST / 12 AM ET.

  • Pacific Time: 9 PM PT, July 14
  • Central Time: 11 PM CT, July 14
  • Eastern Time: 12 AM EST, July 15
  • British Time: 5 AM BST, July 15
  • European Time: 6 AM CEST, July 15
  • Indian Time: 9.30 AM IST, July 15
  • Philippine Time: 12 PM in the Philippines, July 15
  • Japan Time: 1 PM JST, July 15
  • Australian Time: 1.30 PM ACST, July 15
  • Singapore Time: 12 PM, July 15
  • Thailand Time: 11 AM, July 15
  • Bangladesh Time: 10 AM Bangladesh time, July 15
  • Srilanka Time: 9.30 AM in Srilanka Time, July 15

Do you guys have any excitement about J-Hope’s new music? Are you looking forward to hearing it? Let us know how curious you are by leaving a comment below. As for his solo debut, I hope it will be a great success.

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