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Issa Rae’s Inspiration Behind Her New Show Rap Sh!t

Issa Rae wanted her new show “Rap Sh!t” to be legendary, and she ensured that it becomes one. For this, she hired the best rap artists to write the music for the show. The American actress, writer and producer, has now opened all about it on Late Night with Seth Meyers. Read on to learn all about it.

Naming The Show Rap Sh!T…

Seth Meyers started Late Night with a clip from Issa’s hook-making session on “Rap Sh!t”. The gorgeous young lady wore a red dress and a vibrant smile as she spoke about her show. The conversation started with a lot of beeps, courtesy of her new show’s name.

Seth Meyers  asked Issa, “You already knew when you named the show Rap Sh!t that this would be a problem.” Issa replied, “I did yes, I anticipated that it was a tentative title and then I talked to HBO legal, like what can we get away with.”

She continued by explaining that the show has an asterisk in the title and they decided to replace it with an exclamation point, and they were like, “it’s totally fine”. She said the HBO legal team said that the “TV Guide” can print it. She continued, “It’s out there on the billboards and little kids are seeing it, and sorry parents.”

Issa defended her show’s title by saying ” but they can read, which is great” and started clapping her hands. Seth Meyers said that’s one of those words kids are hearing at a pretty young age.

The Idea Behind Rap Sh!T

Speaking about her new show, Seth Meyers stated that the show is about two friends who reconnect to start rapping together. He then asked, Issa, “What gave you this idea?” Issa revealed that she is a huge rap fan, and this idea has been gestating for a while. “I’ve always wanted to have something set in the music world, and this is just an exciting time,” she added.

She continued, “There are so many female rappers out there who are killing it. She revealed that one of her favourite producers, a male, happens to say that all women rap about their vaginas, like, “it’s all the same. It’s all the same.” Issa responded to the said producer that “it’s not fair because men rap about the same thing all the time–so that kind of double standard–that really interested me.”

Seth Meyers agreed by saying, “Yea, it’s fun because they are more socially, you know, issue-oriented rap in this, and then the other you mentioned.” He joked, “Look I already said Rap Sh!t, and Issa laughed by saying that she doesn’t wanna be beeped again.

Seth congratulated Issa for the women she has cast in her show. Issa said, “They’re incredible. They are all new actresses, for the most part, it’s a new cast and they are killing it. I am so proud of them.”

Issa’s Favourite Rap Writers…

Seth continued, “It also seems like you took it seriously, which is as a fan, you would have to, if you’re doing a show about rap, you have to have actual good rap lyrics. Does that mean you had to find television writers who were good at writing rap songs or did you also hire rap lyricists?”

Issa responded to this question by saying that “What’s great is that we were able to have a traditional writer’s room which was you know, funny, brilliant writers. Some of them were from Miami, and then just to be able to have authentic rap–like the music has to be good. They actually have to be good rappers.”

Issa revealed that she hired some of her favourite rap artists like Pineapple City, Incognita, and Dreezy,  and they wrote lyrics for the characters, and then they organized music camps for the show. Well, she took the whole thing seriously and making this show was an intricate process.

She continued, “And then the two, kind of, met up and it was–it was just great.” She said that she was really proud of the music of this new show. Seth asked Issa if she was only behind the scenes on this show? To this, she replied, “Yes, and I was super happy because I was writing this show, filming for season 5 of “Insecure”, and I was tired of being on the camera.”

She added that she just needed to write out of the city. She had done that during the quarantine and then “it was just like I get to be behind the scenes and direct”. She corrected by saying, “not exactly direct–but as a producer give notes to the amazing cast and contribute to the story.” Issa revealed that doing all this was a lot of fun and she enjoyed every bit of it. She concluded by saying, “It was a different muscle”.

Working On “Vengeance” With BJ Novak

As for her on-camera role, Seth mentioned, “You were still on camera, obviously on other things, I just saw the trailer of B.J Novak’s new movie “Vengeance” that comes up in the next couple of weeks. He added that the trailer looks fun and asked, “Was it a good time?”

Issa confessed that working with BJ Novak on the movie was a great time and that he is incredible. “You know I’ve been a fan of him since “The Office”, she added. She revealed that this is Novak’s directorial debut and “Vengeance” has such a smart script. The movie is set in a true crime podcast world.

Issa confessed that she is not a big fan of “make-believe crime”, however, she likes true crime and suffering. She concluded that she is happy to be a part of the movie and the movie reflects what is true in America right now.

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