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Island of Winds take on Icelandic Culture is Spectacular; Watch the Trailer To Know More

This game is a big dive that takes you on a journey to introduce Icelandic folklore. Most certainly, you have not experienced something like this before.

Think about it like this, on a casual day, almost 20 months into the pandemic or maybe less or more, we don’t know anymore. After a bunch of things that you do the whole day, don’t you think you deserve a break?

Well, time to get out of the existential despair, because we have a brand new game visiting us.

Buckle up because it’s Islands of Winds we are talking about and the Icelandic developer Parity, all on their own independently have been spending time to work on a debut video game. Not only this game is magical and but takes you on a journey that’s surreal.

The 17th century sneak peek of Iceland is worth your time and the whimsical realm is inexplicable.

The trailer of the Island of Winds’ was released today and hence, you get to have a look at everything you can expect from the upcoming title.

Island of Winds – Trailer

The trailer is here and you have got to watch it before you decide on anything else.

Once you start the gameplay, the player turns to Brynhildur, a witch who has spent almost the whole of her life living in Iceland. She belongs to Balance Keepers and is a member of it ever since. The group has magical powers and they tend to change things through the power they attain.

Therefore, you will be experiencing the game from Brynhildur’s eyes. It will be a different experience for the player as they find a world full of creatures that are unique and idiosyncratic.

From the feels of it, it’s sending chills down my spine. Is it doing the same to you?

Island of Winds

Brynhildur leaves on a journey to locate her mentor ”Hrymja” and to do so, will be traveling throughout the gorgeous landscapes. The journey will be set across nine landscapes few of which are, the treacherous Jökla lagoon, the gleaming Obsidian Shora, and the fiery Laval of Skjól.

Release Date?

The Island of Winds is releasing in 2022 and that’s currently the target date set for the release.

It might just be a little bit of wait time before you experience the wonders of Icelandic folklore. The game will be available to play on PC and Playstation 5.

Island of Winds

Definitely, a game to watch out for, tell me if you aren’t excited.

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