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Is There Going To Be The English Season 2?

“The West is a dangerous place, but one can’t keep a good man down for long.” Prime Video’s latest western drama has simply put this in big letters.

That’s what you’ll hear if you’re looking for a good settlement of the American West. The English has established itself as one of the raunchy and nuanced dramas running on the platform. 

And if you’ve got the stomach for it, you should definitely watch it. It’s got everything: blood-soaked revenge, death by hanging, gunfights in saloons and cowboys with names like you’d only hear in the war zone.

You’d think it’d be dry watching the usual fight drama but it isn’t! The story is well paced and Hugo Blick has an eye for detail that makes this series more than just another account of bloodshed.

He doesn’t just tell us about the people—he shows us them, with big pictures and small pictures and lots of words everywhere. It’s a great story about an interesting time period in history that I’m glad I had an opportunity to learn about.

And with a banger performance by Emily Blunt, the series is already making us all crave a second season. So, if you’ve binged the first season and looking for updates on the upcoming one, here’s everything you need to know.

Is There Going To Be The English Season 2?

Emily Blunt and Chaske Spencer starrer The English is currently streaming on Prime Video. The series has been well received by the audience and it has made its point taking such reverent stars in the western drama.

One of the speculations that are brewing on the internet is raising questions about a potential season of the Prime Video drama. 

If you’re a keen follower of the series and its announcements, the series was announced as a mini-series which would directly result in its renewal for another season.

Now, when we talk about the mini-series not getting another installment, that would be a big yes. As we have seen some pretty terrific mini-series getting seasons.

So, if we talk about a potential season 2, there are fewer chances unless the creators think about reviving the show and giving it another shot. 

What is the plot of The English?

For those who are still unaware of the show, The English follow “Lady Cornelia Locke” an English-based Western drama series set in 1890s America and follows Lady Locke, a woman of independent means played by Emily Blunt, as she’s pulled into high stakes.

The series will follow Locke, an aristocratic English woman, and Whipp, a former Pawnee scout—both strong characters as they travel. They’ll be exploring Western landscapes and will go through many challenges together and survive a deadly encounter.

Whipp is out of vengeance and Locke is her accomplice. After a brief montage, we see that she’s switched her target to gunrunners. The show depicts the consequence of a lot of people in suits who had been killed by one bullet.

The English is currently streaming on Prime Video. 

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