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Is ‘The Weekend Away’ Based on a True Story? Let’s Explore it in Depth

True story movies are immensely enjoyable to see. You know, the stakes are just bigger. The drama, tension, romance, or intrigue of a narrative is amplified when you know it genuinely happened.

These stories are fascinating to watch because they are both instructional and entertaining (when done well). Of course, not every movie can do justice to a person’s story.

However, the movie we are going to discuss is ‘The Weekend Away.’ In which a best friend seeks justice on behalf of another best friend.

Do you believe this movie is based on genuine events? Well, For the time being, let’s keep it a secret and first focus on the movie’s synopsis.

‘The Weekend Away’ Sypnosis

We’d like to point out one thing before you watch this movie: there are plot twists, plot twists, and plot twists.

The Sypnosis goes like this: When a lady is accused of killing her closest friend, a weekend visit to Croatia goes bad. In her quest to clear her name and learn the truth, she uncovers a devastating secret.

Well, it’s a terrific mystery to figure out who the killer is, and thriller genre fans, this must be your go-to!

‘The Weekend Away’ Is Not Based On A True Story

Huh! It’s not the case! If it was based on a true events tale, I’d love to meet the main character if she was real.

Because she did such brave things to bring justice to her closest friend! And that is something we should be appreciating.

The Movie Is Actually Based On A Book.

Well, this movie is basically based on a book which is written by Sarah Alderson. Despite the fact that their journey did not end in tragedy like the one in Alderson’s novel.

She still wanted to communicate a narrative about the importance of real friendship in life.

According to the author, she intended to convey this significance in both her book and the impending film, noting, “So many times, female friends have come to my rescue… I value my friendships a great deal, and I wanted it to shine through in the film.”

Sarah Alderson Wrote This Book By Remembering Her Own Experiences

Alderson spoke about the elusive and unexpected character of early adulthood, which can frequently compel us to break out of our comfort zones and attempt something new, based on her own experience.

My Imperfect Life, the author continued on this issue ‘You know, the decisions you make in your 20s and 30s might often feel like they’ll define you for the rest of your life. I believe I was implying that it is acceptable to question and possibly make changes.’

Have you seen this movie yet? If not, you should definitely watch it if you’re looking for some mystery and justice stuff. Also, do let us know in the comments have you read the book or not?

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