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Is The Crown Season 6 Renewed Already? Everything We Know So Far

It’s time to take a look back at the royal adventures of The Crown. In the sensational Season 4, we were introduced to Princess Diana and Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

The pair played a large part in shaping modern Britain, fighting for women’s rights and against the monarchy. It’s clear that The Crown has reached new heights of success.

Although they didn’t have much screen time together, their impact on the series was felt throughout. Now that their stories are ending, The Crown is ready to begin a new chapter in their account.

The series has been a fan favourite across continents. The series has received critical acclaim since its release in 2016 and has been nominated for several awards.

Golden Globe award for Best Television Series – Drama, three Primetime Emmy Awards, four Critics’ Choice Television Awards and an International Emmy Award nomination.

The highly anticipated series came with a banger season 5 on Nov 9th and sprawled over the Netflix rankings worldwide. With this new season, The Crown will continue its exploration of the royal family’s history from the 70s to the mid-90s.

As fans across countries are bingeing the drama series, there is a constant craving for more seasons and a question if we’ll get through it. 

So, if you’re bingeing the series and wondering when will you get to grab the next season, here’s everything we know so far about The Crown Season 6 but beware as this article contains spoilers for season 5 currently streaming on Netflix. 

Will There Be The Crown Season 6?

We’ve reached the point in The Crown where the People’s Princess enters the scene. Now that Season 5 has finally dropped on Netflix, fans of the series are already wondering about the future of the show considering the real-life Queen Elizabeth is no more.

There have been several speculations on whether the show will explore the stories further or put a pause/stop on the show. 

For those wondering if they’ll be able to see season 6, it has been confirmed already that there will be another season of The Crown. The makers and the streaming platform announced the renewal of both seasons at the same time last year. 

The Crown Season 6 Will Be The Last from the Series

The crown

As you feel better knowing that your favourite series will come back for another season, there is a huge bump in the way as the makers declared that the upcoming season 6 of the popular drama will mark the end of the season.

The Crown Season 6 will be the last season of the show but don’t cry! Actually, it is good news because originally we weren’t going to have a 5th series because it was supposed to be the last. However, Netflix allowed us an extra series which is great!


What Will Season 6 Be About?

Now the big question is when the series is ending, what will be the events that are going to be covered in the upcoming and last season of the series?

One of the great things about this drama has been its casting, and the glimpse of reality we get. It’s been almost 2 years since we saw a TV series that reminds us so much of real-life royalty.

First and foremost, as we know per the big announcement of the casting of young Kate and Williams, the series will explore the lives of the next generation spawned in the early 2000s. On top of that, we also have our Prince William And Kate Middleton for season 6. 

When Is Season 6 Dropping On The Streaming Platform?

According to the makers, the filming of the upcoming season 6 is already on its roll. As we all were updated around the time of the Queen’s death, the ongoing filming of the season was paused to pay their respect to the beloved Queen who served as the true inspiration to the world. 

As for now, there has not been any update on the arrival of season 6. However, if you follow the premiere pattern of the series, November seems to be the favourite time of the year for the series to hop on our screens.

As the current season aired on Nov 9th, we can expect the upcoming and final season to drop by our screens around the same time next year. 

Who All Are Coming For The Season 6?

For those who love the series for its solely casting are not going  to be disappointed for the very last time. The series will bring their rising stars for the last time including Imelda Staunton as The Queen.

Lesley Manville as Princess Margaret,  Jonathan Pryce as Prince Philip, Elizabeth Debicki as Princess Diana,  Olivia Williams as Camilla Parker Bowles,  Dominic West as Prince Charles and Jonny Lee Miller as Prime Minister John Major.

What Did Season 5 Bring To The Table This Time?

Perhaps, the most iconic part of the whole series was the way Princess Diana dealt with being a royal. She always had to juggle being in the spotlight with all its pressures and constantly risked everything when walking out of her comfort zone.

This felt like a silent roar at times thanks to some beautifully executed visual moments, like one of the most destructive football matches ever captured on screen. The series glorifies the chapter of the Royal family that was considered the most controversial of all time.

The first time the Princess of Wales, who was seen as a beacon of feminine strength and love, did an interview on TV to announce her separation from her royal family, and also made public that she was single.

In addition to exploring these events from the perspective of Queen Elizabeth II’s family, viewers will also get to see how these events impacted other members of society at that time.

The famous people’s queen Diana will be the hero of the series with the most controversial event in the history of the Royal family.

In addition to introducing more royalty from around Europe, Queen Elizabeth II’s reign will be given more focus on her personal life as she deals with ageing and chronic health problems.

The Crown season 5  is currently streaming on Netflix. 

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