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Is The 2019 Thriller, “I See You” Based On A True Story?

The 2019 American horror thriller, “I See You”, directed by Adam Randall, may not have reached many viewers since its original release. The film earned just $1.1 million against its $5 million budget. The thriller follows the story of a family being watched by two phroggers living in their home amidst a kidnapping case. 

The movie may not have made an impact then, but it is prompting a lot of questions after recently being added to the US Netflix catalog. One is whether this movie is based on a true story or not. Read on to learn the answer.

Running Through “I See You Plot”

American thriller, “I See You”, was released in 2019 and it’s safe to say that the movie didn’t gain much attention back then. The movie earned just $1.1 million against its $5 million budget. After the movie was recently added to the United States Netflix catalogue, Adam Randall directed film is making viewers curious if it is actually based on a true story.

But before jumping on to the answer, let’s run through the plot of this movie, which shares striking similarities with a real-life murder case. “I See You”, which starred Helen Hunt and Jon Tenney, narrates an eerie story of two young adults living in the Harper house without the family’s knowledge.

The two are indulged in the act of phrogging, which is pretty similar to squatting. In phrogging, individuals live in an occupied property while in squatting, they live in an unoccupied property.

As for the plot, the movie starts by showcasing the life of the Harper family but then shifts its perspective to phroggers, Alec (Owen Teague) and Mindy (Libe Barer). In the film, Mindy records a documentary on their life in the Harper house.

When a young boy suddenly goes missing, the incident brings back memories of 15 years earlier for Ohio residents when several young boys went missing under similar circumstances. But later, only two were found alive. The case is assigned to detective Greg Harper (Jon Tenney), whose family began falling apart after knowing about his wife’s infidelity.

Greg collaborates with Spitzky (Gregory Alan Williams), the detective who handled the case 15 years back. Meanwhile, the two phroggers sneak into Harper’s home. The movie is co-written by director Marc Forster and screenwriter Sean Conway. Forster is credited for directing movies like “Quantum of Solace” and “World War Z”.

Is “I See You” A True Story?

“I See You” recently debuted on the United States Netflix catalog, and has been garnering positive reviews, unlike its release in 2019. But the bigger question that’s taking over the minds of the viewers is whether the movie is based on a true story or not.

The answer is no. “All I See You” is not based on a true story. The psychological thriller is a purely fictional tale. There have been several “missing person” cases over a decade but phrogging itself is a real phenomenon. But again, the movie does not focus on a specific story, therefore, making it pure fiction. Did you watch “I See You”? Shoot your thoughts in the comment box.

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