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Is Selling Sunset Season 6 Happening? Everything We Know So Far

We all have to agree that Pinterest’s interior aesthetics have sparked us in such a way that we’d move out and hunt for the perfect home as soon as possible.

But let’s be honest dreaming and reaching your perfect apartment is not a fairy tale. There is a term called, “real estate agent” that haunts us to even start thinking about moving out.

Speaking of real estate agents, Netflix’s reality TV series, Selling Sunset is one of the most elaborate reality TV series that follows a group of real estate agents as they navigate through their professional lives with a little bit of personal touch. 

For those who know, Selling Sunset is undeniably one of the best reality series added to the giant world of Netflix since 2019.

The enthusiastic yet dramatic real estate agents show running since 2019, giving us 5 remarkable seasons has captured our eyes with its crisp writing and amazing original cast.

With its latest installment still running on the platform, the show is giving fans feelings about whether their favourite realtors will be coming back for the 6th season. Till then let’s brush up on what has happened and where the show leads us with its future. 

Selling Sunset Season 6: Is it Happening?

The American reality TV series created by Adam DiVello premiered its fifth season on April 22nd, 2022. By the looks of the current show running on Netflix, it seems like the Selling Sunset family is going to come back for another season.

With the series turning top 1 on Netflix after a few hours of release, it looks like the future of estate agents and brokers at Oppenheim Group is surely guaranteed. 

According to various sources, back in January, the streaming giant announced the renewal of the hit reality TV series for another 2 seasons. But there has been no official statement about season 6 from Netflix yet. 

Do we have a release date?

As mentioned above, there have been no official statements for the arrival of season 16. Although we do have an update on the renewal as per the network’s previous announcement. 


But if you go by the announcement pattern of previous seasons, the Selling Sunset season 5 was confirmed by the streaming network along with season 6. 

So if season 6 has to happen, we can expect it probably by the end of 2022 (roughly).

The show is created by Adam DiVello. The series was also nominated for the Prime Time Emmy Award for Outstanding Unstructured Reality Porgramme. 

Selling Sunset Season 6: Expected Cast

The show is expected to bring the ongoing cast members including Mary Fitzgerald, Brett Oppenheim, Jason Oppenheim, Christine Quinn, Chrishell Stause, Maya Vander, Heather Young, Romain Bonnet, Davina Potratz, Amanza Smith, Emma Hernan, Vanessa Villela, and Chelsea Lazkan. 

As for now, this is all you should know before gearing up for the season 6th. We will be back with more updates soon.

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