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Is Ramy Renewed For Season 4? Let’s Talk About The Possibility

The third season of the comedy-drama ‘Ramy’ debuted with an incredible story. Ramy Youssef plays the titular character in the series. The series has received praise for its depiction of American Muslims, despite the fact that most Western pop culture representations of Muslims are generally bad dudes.

Ramy, the son of Muslim immigrants living in New Jersey, navigates a life torn between faith, community, and new age ideologies. The most amazing aspect of this season was Bella Hadid’s appearance as a recurring guest star.

And now, following that conclusion, spectators are indeed pretty interested in the possibility of another season.

‘Ramy Season 4’ Renewal Status Explored

The status of the ‘Ramy’ Season 4 renewal is still unspecified. Neither the streaming platform nor the show’s creators renewed the series for another season. However, given the recent release of Season 3, this is not surprising.

But, hopefully, there will be another season. And the lead character did mention the excitement.

Ramy also talked about the changing complications he faced in each season.

“In the room, we started talking about open relationships, and then we started talking about polygyny, and reconciling these things in a modern framework.
To give an answer or even a specific opinion about anything religious is not something that this show does.

What we do is show people getting really messy with what they think they should be doing. The conversations that Ahmed [Dave Merheje] has with his wife [Rana Roy] and his prospective new partner [Ahd Kamel], and with [an advisor’s first wife played by] one of my favorite comedians, Zainab Johnson, were really exciting to put next to each other. And you can’t do that if you don’t put these guys into a mess!”

Ramy & The Team Is Excited About Doing Another Season

When asked by an outlet if Ramy takes his socks off before making wudu and cleansing himself in the sea to pray in the series, the actor hinted at the possibility of another season. And it’s possible that it’ll be the last.

“He doesn’t. It was a moment! We talked about the socks out there in the cold for like half an hour. I really put myself to the side and was like, OK, don’t worry that you’re cold. Just: Should the character take off the socks?’

We really are excited about doing one more season, and we felt he wasn’t quite at the socks place yet. He was so overtaken by this moment. We’re excited for what he’s going to step into in what will probably be our last chapter.”

Ramy also mentioned the dog’s death as a metaphor for Ramy’s separation from Zainab.

“Yeah. In Season 2, the Sheikh makes it clear to Ramy: ‘You should take care of this dog because you’re not picking up the teachings, and maybe to unconditionally love something that’s not yourself might be your saving grace.’

Then Ramy spectacularly fails. It felt like his subconscious would be holding on to that, so he becomes overly protective over this dog. He’s more concerned about the dog than he even is about his mom because of this subconscious guilt — more than guilt.

He’s in a deep state of shame the whole season, and he breaks, fully, when he loses the dog.”

Do you want another season of Ramy? Well, you are welcome to drop your opinions in the comment section below.

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