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Is Kim Kardashian Back With Kanye West After Her Shocking Split With Pete Davidson?

What seemed like a perfect love story, ended too! Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson reportedly broke up after nine months of dating, and it has been reported that they seem to be in “different places”. That being done and dusted, fans are wondering if Kim is back with her ex-hubby Ye as she’s been throwing all the clues. Read on to learn everything about this question which is taking over everyone’s minds.

Love Has Faded, Pete’s Tattoos Won’t…

Now, when I heard that Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson ended their relationship, which was actually moving towards marriage, I had one question. What would Pete do with all those tattoos in her name? What seemed like a perfect love story came to an end as “long-distance” took a toll on both of them.

A source revealed that Kardashian — who runs multiple businesses and stars on a reality show — was “totally exhausted by this relationship and other things going on in her life.” If you don’t know this, Pete is filming a movie in Australia, and it has been reported that long-distance became a major reason for the couple’s split. The two, however, still have “a lot of love and respect for each other,” per the sources. An insider explained:

“Pete is 28 and Kim is 41 — they are just in very different places at the moment. Pete is totally spontaneous and impulsive and wants her to fly to New York, or wherever he is at a moment’s notice. But Kim has four kids and it isn’t that easy. She needs to focus on the kids.” So yea, they’ve decided to better part ways on good terms.

Kim even took a trip to meet Pete while he is filming for the movie Wizards! After she returned home, another source recently told that the couple was trying to go the distance with FaceTimes and calls. “When they are apart, they are in constant communication,” the insider explained. “She is still smitten over him and it just works for her.” But now, both Pete and Kim are single once again.

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson met for the first time when she hosted “Saturday Night Live” in October 2021, and started officially dating the following month. What felt like a marriage, has turned out to be a mere friendship now. “Kim and Pete have decided to just be friends,” a source close to Kardashian shared.

Is Kim Back With Kanye?

The “Kimye” rumours began to ignite when the “SKIMS” founder recently showed support for Kanye West’s fashion label, Yeezy, suggesting they’re on good terms at the moment. “Kim was happy to be asked to be a part of the campaign with the kids and to support Kanye in this way,” a third insider spoke, “but it’s not a sign of them getting back together.”

The third source reiterates that while the divorce is indeed moving forward, the exes “are fully aligned in making their kids their priority. So yea, even though we have all the hints, it doesn’t seem that they might be getting together, but who knows? Well, Kanye still loves Kim, and we’re sure he’d melt her heart sooner or later. What do you think?

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