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Is Kevin Conroy Gay as he contributes to DC Comics’ Pride Month Edition?

DC Comics is celebrating Pride Month with 12 stories written by creators who will focus on DC’sLGBTQIA+ characters like Johnathan Kent, Aqualad and Batwoman. Interestingly, Kevin Conroy is penning down his own personal story as a gay.

For DC fans, Kevin Conroy is the best Batman ever. He is known for his voice acting work in the Batman Animated series, Batman video games and much more.  The 66-year old star will be writing down his “personal” story in the 104-page comic. So is he gay? Read on to know more.

Kevin contributes his personal story

DC Editor Andrea Shea revealed in an interview that 2022 marks 20 years of Batman: The Animated Series. For this reason, he said,  “it only felt right to honor Kevin Conroy, THE voice of Batman for multiple generations. And we were FLOORED when he delivered a deeply moving personal story in collaboration with J. Bone and Aditya Bidikar.”

In his personal story, J. Bone has collaborated as an artist and Aditya Bidikar has contributed as a Letterer. After knowing about his recent contribution to DC Comics’ Pride Month, fans have developed an interest in his personal life, and that includes the question: Is Kevin gay?

Yes, Kevin is openly gay

Interestingly, Conroy has played the role of Batman for the longest time compared to other actors. Do you know that Kevin is the first gay actor to play Batman? Many people do not know that Kevin Conroy came out openly as gay way back in 2016.

Yes, in 2016, Kevin Conroy revealed in an interview with New York Times that he is gay. He said, “As a gay man living in New York in the time of the AIDS epidemic, I went to many funerals that I felt such a sense of obligation to portray the character of a TV producer secretly living with AIDS in Eastern Standard.”

He added, “Every night I would just wail, feeling the pain. I couldn’t feel it. It was a scream of, look what’s happening to us! Help!” Kevin revealed himself as gay in this interview as he narrated his role as a producer battling AIDS in a Broadway production.

Kevin Conroy has previously played the role of a gay lawyer Bart Fallmont on Dynasty (1985-1986), television series based on the Carringtons, a wealthy family living in Denver. Conroy once revealed that he did not come from a prestigious family.

The Batman: Gotham Knight star stated that he had an alcoholic father who left Conroy’s mother. These reasons made him independent at an early age. Conroy received a full scholarship to Julliard at the age of 17. After his graduation, Conroy raised money by doing theatre and featuring in various shows and television movies.

DC Comics’ Pride Month

The 104-page anthology comic is hitting bookshelves on May 31, 2022, as it honors Pride Month. It features Lgbtqia+ characters from the extended DC comics universe. The introduction for this special book is written by trans actress and Supergirl star Nicole Maines. Aren’t you excited to lay hands on this book? Well, I am.

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