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Is American Gigolo Season 2 Coming On Showtime?

On September 11, 2022, Showtime premiered the complete drama and romance series American Gigolo. It is, in fact, a TV adaptation of the 1980 movie American Gigolo. It comprises a total of 8 episodes.

Spectators are already interested in the continuation of American Gigolo, which makes us curious as well. Julian Kaye, a former gigolo found innocent after 15 years in prison for a murder he did not commit, faces the task of pulling up the shattered pieces as the investigator who put him behind bars tries to resolve the mystery that resulted in his confinement.

Julian attempts to reconcile his escort history with the guy he is today by reuniting with his former lover Michelle, his troubled mother, and other sex workers. Let’s see if the series is renewed for a second season.

Is ‘American Gigolo’ Season 2 Happening?

American Gigolo hasn’t been renewed for a second season at the moment. And it’s understandable given that the series just ended, and it takes time before renewing a show for another season.

The renewal is most likely determined by viewership and audience preferences. However, in the case of ‘American Gigolo,’ another season looks unlikely. The first reason is that the series was cut from 10 to 8 episodes, which has its own set of reasons.

However, Mol hinted in an interview that another season is unlikely.

Mol said, “It’s a piece of escapism that we don’t usually see. We don’t get a lot of shows like this anymore. What I love about the show is there is darkness to it, but there are very real scenes about love, loss, and abuse.

But it is still a fun and stylish ride. I hope that there’s a good balance there and that people can enjoy it.”

Why Was ‘American Gigolo’ Cut Short?

Hollander, the series’ original showrunner, was suddenly dismissed from production in April following a misconduct investigation, which caused a slew of problems. That’s the same reason the episodes were cut short.

O’Donnell explained to an outlet on this situation, “Then he got let go, which was weird. The reason a lot of us did the show was really to work with him. Then this happened sort of out of the blue. We were told one day that David was let go, and they didn’t really explain why.

We just [had] a new team come in, and we had a couple of weeks off while they tried to figure out what to do, and then we went back and finished it.”

Rosie also said that it was pretty challenging after the departure of the ex-showrunner. “Yes, it was very hard. Everybody was confused; nobody really understood what was happening. There were lots of rumors on the set.

I reached out to David just to make sure that he was okay, and to tell him that if he ever wanted to talk or go have a coffee, just to let me know. We’ve done that a couple of times.

I really admire his ability to put together beautifully deeply emotional characters, and I think a lot of us on the set were excited to work with him, so it was a very big shift in direction and energy. In the middle of a series when you’re already exhausted and kind of worn out, the hour-long drama is a long, hard schedule. It’s like being in a movie for six months.”

Another season seems unlikely, but if there is a second season, we may have to wait a little longer before the renewal. In the meantime, you’re welcome to drop your views on the series in the comment

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  1. Really appreciated this series. The depth of the main characters and the choices each made or that was made for them. The type of life Julian came from then rose in his profession, whether one agrees with that life or not us inconsequential. What is appreciated is that after being framed and spent 15 years in prison he developed at some point in time an attitude of hope and faith that he could still make it through. He did not seem angry or bitter. More like confused. Even after finding out he had a son after 15 years and then all that happened after that he still was kind considerate loving and giving there’s a lesson to be learned just from all that. I hope this show is renewed. It’s so far had a great ending and there’s not many shows out there these days that you can learn something like you can learn from this series. Thank you for that.

    • Well said. I have a hard time finding a show that will keep me wanting to see more- for this reason I barely watch TV anymore.. but this show had me hooked. I could barely wait for the next episode to air and I was grateful to FINALLY have found a show that I really enjoyed watching… and, now it’s gone. I never considered there wouldn’t be another season because it was just THAT good. There are many many options available to watch, but they’re just not for me. I don’t know what happened- is it ME or is it that TV just isn’t what it used to be. Seems like every show I try, it’s already been done before… that’s not what I’m looking for. I’d like to see some options that feel original…. like there was actually some effort put into writing and making them. Give us a 2nd season of American Gigilo, PLEASE…

  2. Wow I really hate to hear all of this because I love this show so much and would absolutely love more seasons. The way they ended it, it seems like it could be a one time deal. But it could go either way. This cast was fabulous. Rosie O’Donnell really shines as Detective Sunday. Jon Bernthal is amazing as well. The whole cast was fantastic. I will miss it. But hey at least there’s the movie, I guess.

  3. Excellent series kept you on the edge of seat what’s going to happen next the acting was superb in the series was surprised Rosie O’Donnell could act that good definitely should be season 2 Lot places you could go with that series

  4. I agree on bringing back season 2, if that could be in the cards. Julian would have to be on a
    different plain, changing his life big time, whatever that means.. I was very impressed with Rosie…
    she really made the show with her so realistic character..Rosiie is a keeper…..If Gigolo comes back, make
    sure Rosie comes back with it…I think she also has to make a 180 degree turn, whatever that means.
    Great show, enjoyed it…

  5. I understand the one and done season
    thing, just like Watchmen. But I think there is a little more to explore here, like completely exposing Isabelle!! If another season is inevitable, glad I got to ride with John and Belle😍!

  6. I was truly captivated by the original movie. It made me want to go into the fashion industry which I did.
    Consequently, I was very interested in the Showtime series. It dot not disappoint.
    The acting, especially the lead actors John Bernthal, Gretchen Mol and Rosie O’Donnell, we’re absolutely superb. The faithfulness to the atmosphere of the original eas remarkable. I watch each episode at least twice and found nuances I hadn’t in my first look.
    I think they captured the essence of the original in style and mood, and they told an emotionally complex story that had me guessing.
    I’m sorry the firing of the Show Runner will jeapardise another season, but that trauma did not appear in the series. Each episode was filled with nuance and deeply interesting morality. It will be missed.

  7. Please, please keep this show going, it such a great escape. Writing, acting and directing all superb, not to mention the one of the sexiest leading men ever.

  8. I’m completely addicted to American Gigolo. Amazing story with so many twists and turns. Julian is smokin hot so sexy so sweet every woman’s dream . All of the acting is superb. Rosie is especially good, love her in this role. Please keep it going!!!

  9. This show was amazing and it totally deserves a Season 2. There is a lot of story to tell here. I never saw the original film as I was too young, so when we got into the series my husband and I went back to watch the film. It was a disappointment. The tv series is far superior, not only in acting, writing, and production, but in character development. 2022 Julian is likable and you want to root for. 1980 Julian not as much. Season 2 please.

  10. There’s a certain richness to all the characters, but I especially love Julian. I loved the complexity of his character – sweet, hopeful, resourceful, smart, kind, empathetic – and the cherry on the cake is he’s handsome and sexy to the tenth power! I’d LOVE to see another season. There’s so much garbage on television these days. It was nice looking forward to watching it every week.

  11. I thought for sure there’d be a Season 2. Especially the way the finale ended. I felt there were so many possibilities.
    I was addicted as were my friends and family. Love ALL the characters ,,, excellent.
    I’ll be so disappointed if they don’t give it another chance….

  12. Hopefully an outlet like Netflix would pick this up or buy the rights. Too many unanswered questions, many avenues to explore and surprisingly Rosie played a great cop. Wayne Brady as a pimp I love it!

  13. My husband and I really like this series. The storyline with all it’s twists, the depth of the 7 key characters, and seeing the inside of a gigolo are what keeps us wanting for more. Rosie O’Donnell is exceptional and Jon Bernthal is sexy as hell but with that soft edge. Great to see Wayne Brady as well. All the other actors have important roles that need to be highlighted. Please reconsider and give us another season, perhaps 2. There are many unanswered questions needing to be resolved. I’m sure the viewers who are wrapped in this series would agree. Give us the solid finish this series, it’s actors and the fans deserve.

  14. I loved American gigilo everyone was perfect in they’re roles I don’t watch a lot of tv but I looked forward to every episode Rosie was amazing and John was so sweet and hot I hope it comes back!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. This was an excellent series that helped put me back in the game. It was actually better than the movie and it had a great cast. Please bring the show back and don’t leave us hanging on for to long. I have been promoting this dynamic cinematography to my friends Rob and Wes.

  16. It’s a great show, and I didn’t even like the movie. The acting is great. The show is dark, but but just the right mood.
    I know it’s unlikely, but here’s my vote for a season 2


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