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Is ‘28 Days Haunted’ Renewed For Season 2?

Can you believe it? We’re halfway through the year, and this is the best show we’ve seen so far (obviously joking).

28 Days Haunted is a horror reality show that Netflix rolled out just in time for Halloween—but don’t worry, they’re not going to scare anyone with spooky ghost stories. Instead, they want to catch ghosts on camera! And they’re prepared to do whatever it takes to make that happen.

Their team of “psychic investigators” and “paranormal experts” are ready to explore haunted houses and get real-life evidence of ghosts in their quest for the ultimate reality TV show.

They’ll go anywhere, anytime – even if that means sleeping in coffins overnight or wearing white coats and masks all day long. They’ll explore every nook and cranny of every building with cameras running all over the place, ready for any spooky spectacle that might be lurking around every corner.

It’s not just a good idea: it’s an opportunity for Netflix viewers who love shows like Ghost Hunters to finally get a chance at seeing real-life evidence of paranormal activity on screen!

However, the show got mixed responses and some of us are actually wondering if there will be another season of the hilarious horror reality show. Check out this article to know the future of 28 Days Haunted. 

Is ‘28 Days Haunted’ Renewed For Season 2?

You may be wondering whether this show has been renewed or cancelled after finishing all 6 episodes. The reality show takes the idea of ghost hunting and makes it intense with a 100 score.

As for now, 28 Days Haunted has not yet been renewed for a second season, but it could change that way if the show does well on Netflix. As revealed by the makers at the time of the announcement, there were no intentions of making another season of the spooky reality show. 

However, the show garnered mixed reactions including a chunk of the audience wanting more of the weird reality show. Looking at this, there is a slight possibility of dwelling on another season. 

What is the show about?

The premise is simple: Three teams visit three separate locations to investigate reports of hauntings and other supernatural phenomena. The Warrens, who are known for fabricating evidence in their work on paranormal investigations, have been discredited multiple times when investigating true events such as the Amityville Horror.

Many people have gone out on paranormal investigations, but they believe that you need to wait for 28 days before you can speak to the spirits of those who are deceased. They try to do this in places where a lot of tragedy has happened in order to try and communicate with them.

In true horror movie fashion, each episode explores ghost-hunting knowledge and their ability to stay together long enough to figure out where they are and what they need to do next before time runs out.


The show is exactly what you’d expect from a reality show about ghost hunters with a touch of humour. The whole show is full of stupid jokes and ridiculous antics that could only happen if you had an entire team of people who were willing to jump into any situation without thinking about what might happen next. 28 Days Haunted is currently streaming on Netflix.

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  1. I loved this series and want more, more & even more! One of the best paranormal investigative shows I’ve seen so far! Please get the producers on a new season! Many of them. I suggest changing the teams up for every season and find even scarier locations. Let’s get moving! Another idea is… Add in extras. Just normal every day people (like me) that love to watch shows like this! Some believers, some sceptics! Let them stay the full 28 days as well!!! How exciting would that be!


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