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Into the Badlands Season 4: Renewed or Canceled?

Rumors regarding season 4 of Into the Badlands are getting viral. But is the news correct? Or is it another false call? Let’s find out in this article.

Into the Badlands is a sci-fi martial arts drama set in a post-apocalyptic world. The series first aired in November 2015 on AMC. After which, AMC released 3 seasons of the series. But eventually, AMC cancelled the show on February 9, 2019, indicating that the third season is the final season of the series.

So will there be a season 4, or the fans will be left heartbroken? What about the expected cast and release date of season 4? We’ll answer all the relevant questions regarding Into the Badlands season 4, including release date, cast, plot and fans’ reaction.

How did fans react to the cancellation of Into the Badlands season 4?

When the show creators announced that season 3 would be the final season, fans were not happy with the decision. It was heartbreaking for many, while others are still waiting for another season. We can see some of their reactions from their Twitter accounts here:



Expected Release Date of Into the Badlands season 4

The first season of the series premiered on November 15 2015. Whereas the second season premiered in 2017. Soon after, there was a third season that aired from 2017- 2018. However, in February 2019, AMC canceled the series, making the third season its final one. 

There are no words of the show creators after that. Therefore, we can only confirm that AMC has canceled the series as of now. And the previous three series are still available on Amazon Prime Video.

The cast of Into the Badlands 

Here is the non-exhaustive list of major and supporting casts of Into the Badlands

· Ally Ioannides as Tilda

· Babou Ceesay as Pilgrim

· Lorraine Toussaint as Cressida

· Sherman Augustus as Nathaniel Moon

· Daniel Wu as Sunny

· Marton Csokas as Quinn

· Orla Brady as Lydia

· Sarah Bolger as Jade

· Ella-Rae Smith as Nix

· Emily Beecham as Minerva

· Aramis Knight as M.K.

· Madeleine Mantock as Veil

· Oliver Stark as Ryder

What Could Have been the plot of Into the Badlands Season 4?

The last episode of season 3 gave us some hints regarding season 4’s plot. Many believed season 4 would change everything. 

In the previous season, we saw Quinn’s defeat on the one hand, along with introduction of a more frightening pilgrim on the other. Sunny learns about his gift from the source, who also issues a severe warning. He is forewarned that the emergence of new power may make the future of Badlands much more frightening.

We can expect season 4 to start from where season 3 has left it, introducing many new characters and elements. 

Fans of Into the Badlands were shattered when AMC announced the cancellation of the series. Fans are only hoping for its renewal so that the story can continue. And so that they can see their favourite martial artists back in action. However, the only thing we can do for now is to hope for the best.



  1. Come on AMC we’re having a unlevel time in this pandemic and y’all have to cancel one of the best series on Netflix, I’ve watched into the badlands three times already, hoping that I see season 4 pop up. Come on let season 4 come out please.

  2. Just like any good show leave off with a good next season then cancel it never will watch anything from them again was my favorite show amd they made me give all hope was even better then walking dead shame on Mas corporate
    Next time make title sale out so we know not to like a good show


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