Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson already has an impressive career under his belt as an actor and a wrestler—now he’s added YouTuber to his resume. However, when it comes to YouTube, the star needed a bit of help from the personalities who have hit it big on the video platform. To show him the ropes, Johnson called upon his friend and Internet sensation, Superwoman aka Lilly Singh.

Check out the video Singh posted on her channel, it’s as hilarious as everything else on the star’s channel—and it’s totally worth a watch for anyone who wants to launch a career on YouTube. There’s some great advice tucked into all the humor.

There are several people who have launched impressive careers, thanks to YouTube, but only a few have transcended the realm of YouTube personality and become legitimate stars—and Indian-Canadian comedian and actress Singh is certainly among this elite group. She is absolutely an obvious choice for anyone to consult when looking for YouTube-related advice, so it makes sense that The Rock enlisted Singh to appear in his very first YouTube video, which serves as his introduction to the platform.
The first original video on Johnson’s channel is titled “YouTube Factory,” which showcases Singh showing him around a volcanic island where—in the fictitious context of this particular video—YouTube videos are made. There’s a room for the cat videos, one where beauty gurus reign, one for social media couples, one for viral videos, etc. each room features another prominent YouTube star.
“The Internet is a very strange place,” Johnson muses.
“You get used to it,” Singh quips, before taking him into a room full of men doing “The Rock” impersonations.


Johnson is a major Hollywood star and the idea that he chose to collaborate with Singh, who launched her own career single-handedly, is huge. Singh has been incredibly vocal about her intense love for The Rock doesn’t hurt matters either. It’s been a year full of career highs for the Canada native, who has appeared on national talk shows, collaborated with top celebrities like Selena Gomez and starred in a full-length YouTube RED movie called “A Trip to Unicorn Island”—which shares scenes from Singh’s worldwide comedy tour.

Somehow, we have a feeling this particular video will go down as one of her all-time favorite career moments—though there are certainly many from which she can choose.We couldn’t be happier for all of Superwoman’s success. It couldn’t have happened to a more talented woman and we expect to see great things from her working relationship with Johnson.

This post was originally published on our partner website India.com and republished here with permission.

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