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Interesting Facts about ‘Money Heist’ that will Blow Your Mind

Do you know everything there is to know about the stunning spectacle ‘Money Heist’? Or do you actually want to know? So, we’ve prepared a series of several facts about the show that will astound you.

You’ve all seen the show when the professor and the thieves embark on a heist. This show was well-liked by many individuals, yet it had to come to an end. The show has concluded, yet the fandom for it lives on.

Money Heist is actually the most successful series. So, now that the show is concluded, let us remember it once more through these facts. These facts are actually going to surprise you because probably no one talked much about it. Let’s begin, but first Bella Ciao Forever!

8 Interesting Facts About ‘Money Heist’

Are you ready for it? Let’s do this, these facts are something that most individuals don’t know about, or maybe you do. It will actually blow your mind.

1. Characters Name Inspiration

Let’s begin with Tokyo, our favorite character. Do you know how this remarkable nickname ‘Tokyo’ was picked? Now that I see it, I don’t think any name will suit Tokyo better than Tokyo. Don’t you think? Okay, we understand that it’s perplexing.

Alex Pina, the developer of Money Heist, arrived at work with no notion that he would motivate his colleague Jesus Colmenar by merely wearing the correct shirt with the word “Tokyo” on it.

When Colmenar spotted him, inspiration struck him, and that’s where it all began. That’s how we obtained the nickname of our favorite character.

Damn it, inspiration from a t-shirt. That’s impressive. Well, this is what gave him idea, that he will name his characters after the city. So, Tokyo was actually the first named character in the whole show.

2. Parallel Scripts

You might be wondering what I’m talking about. All of the shows have pre-written scripts that actors just read and play out, but that is not the case with Money Heist.

In the case of the Money Heist, there was no pre-written script. According to reports, the authors create a few episodes at a time but then arrive at the location ready to change specifics and storylines as necessary.

Similarly, when a certain season is broadcasted, the creators get an idea of what the viewers enjoy the best and subsequently plan accordingly.

Also, the characters stated something regarding this, that they’re also in the same suspense like we all are. Even they were excited to know what will happen while reading the scripts.

3. Neymar Made A Cameo Appearance

In a single glance, this exceptional heartthrob soccer player appears in Money Heist. Did you remember seeing him in Money Heist? Okay, so the backstory is that the soccer superstar

Neymar was so captivated with the show that he approached the producers and requested to be a member of it. Who doesn’t loves this show? No wonder, why everyone is actually searching for the facts.

So, in the third season of the show, there is a scenario in which a Brazilian monk named Joao makes an appearance. That’s Neymar making a guest appearance.

Don’t worry, we’ve included a picture below that will help you recall the moment. It was difficult to believe it was Neymar, but it is.

4. Professor Has A City Name

We all refer to him as Professor, but did you know he also has a city name? Except for the mastermind, everyone in the show has a city name.

Well, he’s a genius, and he’s one-of-a-kind, so he stands out from the rest, right? So, he does have a city name, but it’s quite unofficial.

Nobody calls him with this name, because Professor actually suits him. Professor’s unofficial city name is ‘Vatican City.’ And it perfectly defines him, don’t you think?

5. The Show Was Nearly Cancelled

The series was originally supposed to be a two-part limited series. It aired for the first time on the Spanish network Antena 3 from May 2nd to November 23rd, 2017 with a total of 15 episodes.

The show wasn’t performing well, and it was on the verge of being canceled. But, ultimately, Netflix came to the rescue, and it became so successful that look at it now.

Imagine if we didn’t receive this wonderful series, oh, it hurts to think about it. This show is so well-known that many restaurants and places around the world are named ‘la casa de papel.’

6. Around 600 Jumpsuits

Another well-known aspect of Money Heist is the jumpsuits worn by the robbers and hostages on the show. And it’s no surprise that these jumpsuits have become so fashionable that everyone is wearing them to Halloween parties and other occasions.

Well, the costume designer had to replace hundreds of jumpsuits all the time, and the gunshots are undoubtedly a factor. Over 600 jumpsuits were specially designed for the show. And there was always a fresh supply of these jumpsuits on the set. Too much work.

7. Arturo Was Holding A ‘Real’ Flamethrower

Arturo and his ridiculous strategies are never-ending and extremely annoying. Remember the scene where Arturo and the hostage planned to take the guns?

Enrique Arce, who plays Arturo, was given the opportunity to wield an actual flamethrower during the scene in which he advances towards the thieves in the short hallway.

And because this scenario took weeks to shoot, everyone on the set was expected to be attentive and prepared at all times. This was pretty surprising to know.

8. Professor Was Supposed To Be The Narrator

Can you envision someone other than Tokyo narrating the show? You can’t, can you? However, this was not intended; the show’s narrator was supposed to be professor. And, in the end, they altered the entire approach.

The directors originally intended for the professor to be the narrator but changed their minds when they learned how male-dominated the cast was already. And the Professor already had an important role in the show, he was the mastermind. So, it was decided that it’s best to change the plan, at the last moment.

That’s all for now. Did you know any of these facts about the show? Or are you also pretty surprised to discover? If you know of any facts about Money Heist, do share them in the comments area below.

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