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InBESTigators Season 3: Is it Renewed by Netflix?

If you are a fan of InBESTigators, then you must be eager to see our favourite child detectives solving mysteries again. Is InBESTigators renewed for Season 3?

Created by Robyn Butler and Wayne Hope, InBESTigators is a mockumentary kids show made in Australia. The show revolves around four kids (Ezra, Maudie, Ava and Kyle) who form a detective agency named InBESTigators. The agency successfully solves crimes in their surroundings and create a vlog of each solved case.

This article will disclose everything relevant regarding InBESTigators season 3, including – release date, cast, plot, and fans’ reaction. 

Release Date of InBESTigators Season 3

Sadly, the show creators have been silent about the release of season 3 till now. But looking at the ending of season 2, all we know is that story is incomplete. Hence there should be other seasons. As for the release date of season 3, the only thing we can do for now is to wait for the official words from either Netflix or the creators. 

Expected Cast of InBESTigators Season 3

There is no official news about the cast of season 3 of InBESTigators. However, one thing is sure that there will be no change in the show’s main cast along with the important supporting characters. Therefore, the expected cast of season 3 includes: 

  • Kyle Klimson, played by Jamil Smyth-Secka and Austin Archer (kid).
  • Maudie Miller, played by Anna Cooke.
  • Ava Andrikides, played by Abby Bergman and Taysha Farrugia (child).
  • Ezra Banks, played by Aston Droomer.
  • Poppy Banks, played by Eliza Ong.
  • Mr McGilick, played by James Saunders.
  • Amelia Fitzgerald, played by Hannah Jonhston.
  • Miss Tan, played by Maria Angelico.
  • Mrs Helen Parides, played by Madeleine Jevic.
  • Mr Barker, played by Clarke Richards.

 What to expect from InBESTigators Season 3?

 InBESTigators is about an investigative agency run by four kids to solve mysteries in their neighborhood and school. 

A significant announcement about the group becoming commercial is made at the end of season 2. However, this wonderful news is overshadowed by some terrible news. During this time, Ezra’s goldfish goes missing, and they become engrossed in solving other mysteries. Such as Ezra’s mother ruby, who has gone missing as well. But in the end, they finally get rid of all the troubles and successfully do the commercial.

In season 3, we expect new twists and turns as the kids become older. With new episodes, the show will be a blast. However, without any official notice, we need to keep our calm and be patient. 

How are fans reacting to the InBESTigators season 3?

Fans are eagerly waiting for the release of season 3. Their Twitter accounts clearly express their curiosity:





  1. My 6 year old loooooooves this show and has watched it several times over. Funny and smart with strong female leaders yet well balanced! Let’s get season 3–4-5 going already!!

    If not, give us the IP and rights and we will fund it here out of the USA 🇺🇸.

    Look forward to it Season 3 soonest!

    Thank you from my daughter too!

  2. My 11 yo daughter and 5 yo son LOVE the InBESTigators (and so do I)!!! Entertaining, funny, clever with a mix of wonderful characters all bringing their own strengths and challenges to the show. My 11 yo has watched the first two seasons over 20 times. When will Season 3 be released??

    Many thanks from me and my kids for this amazing show!!!

  3. Such a good show my 6 yo twin girls love this so much with all the mysteries as well as the fun each episode gives even i have been waiting for a season three but it hasnt come out yet


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