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In Another World With My Smartphone Season 2 Announced

‘In Another World With My Smartphone Season 2’ has officially been announced, and isekai fans can’t be happier.

The most overpowered protagonist is back to revolutionising this another world with nothing but his smartphone.

In Another World With My Smartphone Season 2 Announcement

Today, the news that In Another World With My Smartphone Season 2 is happening has been announced through Twitter and their official website.

With no clear date in the near future, we can speculate that the airing of the anime will start in the Fall 2022 seasonal anime if not earlier than that.

In Another World With My Smartphone Premise

In Isekai stories the most integral part that makes any viewer stick to their screens is the premise of the show. The execution is something that anime fans want after the premise has been nailed by the show.

‘In Another World With My Smartphone’ has one of the most basic isekai premises as its contemporaries like Re: Zero and Moushoku Tensei. It starts off bland, which might make most isekai turn away from the series but the execution is really masterful.

The story starts in a very abrupt manner with the God informing us and the protagonist, Touya that he has died because of a mistake that he made.

But being a good soul and kind heart, Touya forgives him and accepts whatever it is the God has thought for young 15-year-old Touya. When God informs him that he will be transferred to another world, Touya gets happy.

But before going, Touya’s body is enhanced for forthcoming dangers and he is granted a wish. The wish in question is that Touya wanted to take his smartphone alongside him to the next world.

Thus begins our story in a world reminiscent of medieval Europe, with God even making adjustments to the smartphone for Touya’s convenience.

While this may not sound the most exciting isekai to watch, the premise brings forth the question that even in another world, the only thing that a teenager would want to take with him is a smartphone.

Our generation has become so dependent on this small device that it acts as a legendary sword would in another fantasy.

Divided Opinions

While In Another World With My Smartphone had received fairly decent reviews from fans for the light novel. There were some fans who were worried about the downgrade that the series will receive because of the anime.

Therefore, on Twitter as soon as the second season was announced, people from both sides started tweeting their reactions.

One person tweeted, cool to the news. Not a very harsh reply nor over-excited for the new season. This is a very rare common ground in any kind of fanbase.

And with the hate, if people have nothing to say positively about the series they always have to compare the announcement to one that they were expecting. Lead among them is the announcement for season 2 of No Game No Life.

It’ll be fun to see the hate of these people towards In Another World With My Smartphone Season 2 die down when the actual show drops anytime this year, shocking everyone’s expectations.

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