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Ice Age: Scrat Tales Trailer Shows Struggles of Fatherhood

The trailer for Ice Age: Scrat Tales was just released by Disney+. The trailer follows the beloved squirrel that has been around since the first movie. It is named Scrat. The trailer creates the perfect hype for the movie as it follows the journey of Scrat’s newborn baby. It is scheduled to be released on April 13th on Disney+. The short-animated series will have 6 episodes.

Chris Wedge will lend his voice for Scrat while Karl Wahlgreen will voice Baby Scrat. The series is produced by Anthony Nisi while Andrew Milstein and Robert L Baird are executive producers on the project.

Who Is Scrat?

People who are not fans of the franchise may not recognize the character. However, Scrat the squirrel’s charm and cuteness can win anyone over in no time. Scrat is a cute squirrel that is obsessed with acorns that can put himself in danger to get to them. He is always on a hunt for more acorns, to either eat or consume. But as it happens, fate always gets in the way and Scrat is not able to easily take the acorn home.

Throughout the various Ice Age movies, Scrat has been a consistent character. In between the scenes, he can be seen chasing acorns. The saber-toothed squirrel loves collecting acorns and does not hesitate in putting his life in danger for it.

In all of the Ice Age movies that Scrat starred in, most of his interactions have been only with Sid, the sloth. In the first movie, Scrat even attacked Sid for taking his acorn. In 2013, the squirrel was named the mascot of Blue Sky Studios, which is a subsidiary of 20th Century Fox. The 20th Century Fox is now owned by Disney.

The character is so loved that it is also a part of the famous game Scrat’s Nutty Adventure. Around 89% of the people who downloaded the game liked it.

What Is The Movie About?

Ice Age: Scrats Tale takes us on the journey of Scrat becoming a father. The trailer shows us Scrat’s struggles of raising a mischievous baby squirrel. The series will take us through the various ups and downs of fatherhood, as the father and son duo bond with each other. They are also seen battling for the highly treasured acorn that they are obsessed with.

In one of the promo posters for the movie, one can see Scrat holding his prized acorn and his baby squirrel on a pointy ice cliff. The trailer shows us hilarious bits like Scrat changing the baby’s diapers with leaves as it pees on him.

Based on how the franchise is loved by people of all ages, it is safe to say that the Scrat series will get the same love and attention.

Fans are excited for the series to launch. Although the concept of the series is different from the more familiar movies, it is still good news as the fans will look forward to the next episode and there will be plenty of content, unlike the limited appearances in the movies.

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