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How and Where to Watch Tomorrowland 2022 Live Stream

Tomorrowland, the much-anticipated music festival for musicians, has finally arrived. Tomorrowland is the world’s largest dance music festival, bringing the biggest names in electronic music to its magical wonderland in the Belgium town of Boom each summer.

Well, Tomorrowland has also been expanded to a three-weekend affair. Tomorrowland announced in December 2021 that the festival would broaden from two to three weekends in 2022, taking place on 15-17 July, 22-24 July, and 29-31 July.

The theme “Love’s Reflection” was also re-confirmed. After a halt of the two-years audience is all hyped up for the event. But we understand that some of them can’t attend it physically. However, it appears that there is also a virtual option for spectators.

Where To Watch Tomorrowland 2022?

You don’t have to be in Belgium to catch up on the event. We’re not going to miss out on the enjoyment. If you want to keep up on the event via Livestream, you can do so on Tomorrowland via a Livestream as big as the event as a whole.

You can now tune in to the festivities via tomorrowland.com, the Tomorrowland App, and the event’s digital radio station, One World Radio. The Livestream of Tomorrowland will begin at 4.30 pm CEST.

Those who were unable to attend the 16th edition of the Belgian festival will be able to witness splendid performances by the world’s finest electronic artists – a truly unique front-row experience.

Wait, that’s not everything. If you want easy access you can also get to see the event on the official YouTube channel of Tomorrowland. Here’s the Livestream link.

Tomorrowland 2022 Is Expected To Be One Of The Biggest Event In History

Surprisingly, 600,000 people are expected to attend. During the fiestas, these three platforms will highlight a Livestream from Tomorrowland: Mainstage and a combination of DJ sets from numerous Tomorrowland stages, while One World Radio will stream live radio and artist interview sessions from the campgrounds.

So, in total, spectators will be covered from all sides, making it easier to choose your favorite angle. Because of the large number of artists expected to be back, this upcoming event is expected to be one of the biggest in Tomorrowland history.

The event will feature the most spectacular lineup of performers in the universe. For the first time ever, ‘The Reflection of Love’ stage in all its splendor.

The Reflection Of Love

According to the official website of the event, “The 16th edition of Tomorrowland revolves around ‘The Reflection of Love’, symbolizing the positive energy the festival stands for. An unexpected darkness fell over the People of Tomorrow but will now make way for a unique moment at the mesmerizing ‘Reflection of Love’ stage.”

Adding, “During three weekends, the intense connection between the People of Tomorrow and the special union of positive energy across all borders will bring magic and a worldwide reflection of light to the festival grounds in Boom, Belgium, calling on all festivalgoers to spread the positivity and connection they experience at the festival around the globe.”

Follow the magic of Tomorrowland live from Friday, July 15 till Thursday, August 4, 2022. 

What are your thoughts on this upcoming event, and will you be attending it? You are welcome to leave your opinions in the comments section below.

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