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How to Watch MBC Extreme Debut: Wild Idol? Releases Today

MBC’s Wild Idol show is gonna be here soon and guess what? A new teaser is out which will give the audience a vision of what the future holds for the show. K-Pop Fans, gear up.

Excited to find out? Let’s dig in.

Wild Idol is coming up. It is an upcoming show that will have 45 participants and will be competing against each other. On the basis of their potential, skills, and strength the competitors will be judged.

Extreme Debut: Wild Idol

If we look at it simply, Survival shows and K-Pop goes hand in hand. The participants who audition are thrown in a battle against each other. The goal is to stand out hence, make it through to the selection process.

Moreover, the trainees undergo dance, singing, and rap training to enhance their skills. After the trainees showcase their talent and performance, the elimination takes place post which we are left with the ”wild idols” who eventually make it to the show.

But hey, what makes MBC Wild Idol different from the rest?

Well, this time, the contestants will be dealing with the ”wild” for real. This show is a different game for survival altogether. Outdoor boot camps are set up for the contestants to participate in tasks. This time, the tasks won’t be just limited to music and dance skills but their strength will be put out to test too.

Who comes out victorious? Time will speak.

MBC Extreme Debut: Wild Idol- Teaser Preview & Release Date + Time

Let’s start with a look at the show’s teaser.

MBC Wild Idol premieres Friday, September 17th at 8:10 PM KST and you can catch the show on Viki.

The teaser gives us a glimpse of all the participants and how their goal is just to compete with one another to stay on top of the game. The fight continues until 14 members are left.

Cha Tae Kyun, one of the panelists says, “They have to keep on their toes. It’s extremely competitive.”

Extreme Debut: Wild Idol

The judges can take all the time they want to evaluate the participates on the basis of their skills and what they bring to the table. From a few of them going shirtless to the other bunch flaunting their muscles, there’s a lot that awaits.

One of the contestants is seen saying, “Wow, this is a real competition. A fight.”

Judges and Host

As the show’s host, Kim Jong Kook will do the honors.

Furthermore, the panelists for the show include Lee Hyun Yi, Cha Tae Hyun, Brave Girls’ Yujeong, Lee Sun Bin, and INFINITE’s Sunggyu. They will take care of the contestant’s performance and how they perform throughout.

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