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How To Watch Heartland Season 15?

The Heartland series has been renewed for a 15th season. And that’s literally the best thing that has happened to Heartland viewers. You might already know the synopsis of the series, but still let’s get over it.

The show revolves around Amy Fleming and her older sister Louise ‘Lou’ Fleming live on their family ranch in Alberta, known locally as “Heartland,” with their widowed grandfather Jack Bartlett, their father Tim Fleming, and hired farmhand Ty Borden.

The series is based on Lauren Brooke’s Heartland book series. The family unites and becomes closer through the years as they experience the highs and lows of life at the ranch.

The series was renewed by CBC for a fifteenth season with 10 episodes on June 2, 2021. And since then, the episodes are broadcasting. But the main concern for the viewers are that where can they watch Heartland Season 15. That’s what we’re here for.

Before getting into the specific, you all must already know that Heartland is a Canadian series so it’s pretty easy for the viewers to watch it, if they’re from Canada. Let’s talk about it.

Where Can You Watch Heartland In Canada?

Heartland is a Canadian series that is easily accessible to Canadian viewers. Heartland Season 15 is available on CBC and CBC Gem for the Canadian viewers. The Season 15 of the series started airing at 7 p.m. on October 17, 2021.

And other episodes will continue to broadcast there as well. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) and its streaming service, CBC Gem, are two English-language broadcast television networks in Canada. And it’s pretty easy for the viewers.

Looking for renting? If you live in Canada, you can easily rent the series through Apple TV and Google Play.

Where To Watch Heartland Outside Canada?

Because the series isn’t available everywhere, if you’re outside of Canada, you’ll need to use a VPN to watch Heartland episodes. The new season is not yet accessible to watch in the United States, although it is anticipated to premiere on UPTV in early 2022. In terms of other countries, the series has yet to launch there.

As you can see, the show is also accessible on Netflix in some countries, so you can watch all 14 seasons over there. Because Heartland Season 15 is still an ongoing season, it will take some time for Netflix to release it. Season 15 may take many months to appear on Netflix after the show has finished airing on television.

UPTV has an exclusive streaming arrangement with Heartland that runs through March 2022. As a result, we don’t expect the season to be released before the given date.

It’s certainly unpleasant that Heartland Season 15 is airing and you’re unable to watch it. All we can do now is wait.

When the release of Season 15 on multiple platforms outside of Canada is announced, we will make sure to keep everyone informed. So that they can watch it as soon as possible.

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  1. I can’t wait for season 15. I’ve seen all of the others and I love the show. Waiting for it to be released in the US.

  2. I have enjoyed this show so much that I have watched it 3 times. It’s moving and magical, it’s very warm and touched my soul. It reminds me of my life many years ago when I was married and lived in a beautiful ranch in the Texas Hill Country. We too had 50 wild mustang and though my ex- husband didn’t let us ride any horses at all, I have loving and warm memories of my and my children’s lives there.

    Thank you, I miss Ty and loved Graham’s portrayal of Ty. But just love Amy and want to know how she rebuilds her life after Ty and the rest of the Heartland Klan. Much love to everyone,Thank you.

  3. I watch it like 6 times straight threw. When I watch it on tv. Feels like I am there with them. I want to go see the place where it took place.

  4. I have watched it completely 6 times 1-13..waiting for season 14 and 15. We live in Orlando, Fl. My sisters and me. Each time I watch it, I see something I never really saw and appreciated before. I will see it again over and over. Its so warming to feel like you live in this place. I adore Ty, Amy, Jack,Jim, Caleb, Mallory and everybody else. Wyat is adorable. But honestly, everyone is so talented. And of course, Peter is adorable..I hope Lou and Peter get back together..please. Its bad enough Ty is gone. Honestly, you can carry this soap opera 10 more years at least. My favorite series of all time.

    • I agree. I haven’t one word about God or anything pertaining to God. Would love to see that inclued. Even the Waltons in clued Lord. When you took Ty out of the show. That would of been the perfect time to in clued the Lord. Also at the dinner table and at weddings.

  5. I love this show so much!!!! I don’t care for the character Lou but I love Ty, Amy, Jack, Lisa, Scott, Caleb and I like Peter and Mitch too! The scenery is beautiful and Amy’s connection with the horses is mesmerizing. I love the music from the show and I wonder if there is a sound track you can purchase. The storylines are good but I would love to see more storylines about Dr. Scott Cardinal and Caleb. Can’t wait to see Season 15.

    • Not all shows have to have religion in them Not everyone practices the same faith or wants religion being shoved down our throats. The show is about family values. Not religion.

      • For a family to practice their religion is not shoving it down anyone’s throat whether it’s Christianity, Buddhism, etc. It’s usually part of a family’s life.

    • Maybe it’s been on fo 15 season because it doesn’t mention the words “God” and “religion”? Christians don’t own the rights to wholesome, family values. Why ruin a great thing by adding “God” to it?

    • I’m just glad it’s a family show, no cussing, sex or any of the normal tv stuff anymore. Religion should be taught in your home, when it is, it spreads from there.

  6. As a grown adult over 30 I too have enjoyed this series HOWEVER, I have notices a few things that crop up on each episode
    1) Tim is always a jerk
    2) Too many apologies especially from Lu. If you make a mistake once why are theY ALWAYS repeating it?
    3) If Amy’s main concern is “whispering” to horses why is she racing, and jumping AND running off to Europe with a Prince?

  7. I love this show so much, I have Watched it 10 or more times, 1=13. I wish could buy it on blue ray. And the sound track too.Buy I can’t find it on blue ray. Nor can I find the sound track. I am 75 years-old and enjoy this show so very very much. Just wish there were more shows like this one. I hope that they come out with it on blue ray soon. Also I would like to find the sound track. I do not know how to use the internet to order things, so if there were a phone number I could call and order it from would be nice. Rebecca Layton

  8. One of the most enjoyable shows on TV all so kind thoughtful and true to life. I wish there were more shows on TV in the United States like this with a positive influence beautiful country beautiful animals and beautiful people my wife and I truly love the show we watch it daily on by TV and we have 13 CD episodes and we still watch it sorry to hear I leaving understand though. It’s hard for me sometime to believe that there is not some kind of a affection affection of ty and Amy they make it look so real bless them both. Utah United States

  9. My favorite show of all time. I am 66 and we had horse while we grew up. None after I married, my husband did not care for horses. My love for them never left. Always felt they were a part of me and my soul. I hope it carries on for a lone time. Good show for family values without cramming them down someone’s throat. The show feels like a warm loving hug. Thank-you to everyone involved with making this wonderful show. PS I cry everyone they cry.

  10. My husband and me have become addicted to Heartland and can’t wait until it comes to the us so we can watch it. We continue to watch the show all the reruns and still love it. Please let us know when it is available to watch in the US. Love you all.Tony and Joan marchbanks.

  11. I’m a huge fan, I live in Southern California and I’m impatiently waiting for season 14 to come to Netflix, can u tell me when that will be. Thank you, Tammy Keating Hanna

  12. I love this show to how can I get CDs I would like to see all the episodes I have just started watching it about a year to two years ago thank you for your help

  13. This probably the best show that I have ever watched. It’s so down to earth and the characters are wonderful. It’s a wholesome show ith no bad language or sex scenes. I can have it on whole my grandchildren are here and not have to worry about stuff like that. To be honest, when heard that Ty was going to die I almost decided I wasn’t going to watch it anymore. He and Amy never got to have the beautiful in their home like they should have. But I am patiently waiting on season 14 and 15 and hope it continues on for a long time.

  14. I wish they would bring T y back and make it look like Amy had a long dream when T y thought she was shot lr something. I sill cry cuz T y was killed off. Im depressed over it and i know it will pass. I still love the series I just wish they would bring T y back please please I know u can do it please

  15. We just finished season 14 on UP family or something like that. Had to subscribe through Comcast but worth it – now awaiting 15!!! I had no idea what we were getting into when I saw it as a suggestion on Netflix, but the show is so heartwarming and good. I miss TY too.

  16. I recommend Heartland to everyone I meet. I’m such a fan that I tell everyone that I want to be a member of the Heartland/Bartlett/Flemming Family. There is nothing better on television for teaching us, all ages, lessons of tolerance, acceptance and forgiveness. I’ve watched seasons 1-14 many times on Netflix or Amazon and still get something new each time I watch. I’m in Arizona, BYU tv shows Heartland multiple times a day. Also, I have a Samsung Smart TV and I recently found that there is a TV Plus channel on this tv with my cox cable. I found that Heartland streams seasons 1-8 in a loop, 24 hours a day on channel 1058. I have it on often thru the day, timing for my favorite episodes, first kiss, first I love you, the engagement, the wedding and others. I think Ty and Amy are the best love story in modern times. He loved her from the beginning, none stop, even in those brief times they were not together. There will have to be a new character, nobody we know to take Ty’s place, I love Scott, but not with Amy. I look forward to season 15, hopefully on Amazon in January 2022.

  17. I like the show a lot. I’m hoping that season 15 shows the family attending a Church. As a Christian writer Myself
    I think it would be nice to see them experience a spiritual awakening but I remind myself that it’s in another country and things are different there. However I enjoy the show. The horses are my favs.

  18. It is so great that so many love Hearland as I do. I am dying of cancer and often am unable to sleep. I turn on Heartland on my Kindle and am able to relax and fall asleep watching this amazing series for probably the fifth time. Thank you to the wonderful cast and Producers for all that Heartland has done for me.

  19. I’m so glad that this show is not religious. There are plenty of religious shows in this world for you to watch. It nice that religion is not involved. I’m not insulting religion but involving religion in every single show on the planet isn’t enjoyable

  20. There are other religious shows you can watch. Sounds like you’ve watched a lot of Heartland anyway. We don’t all believe what you believe.

  21. I have Discovery+ and it’s not showing Heartland! I’m very impatient, I’m in a very dark hole! 🙃 I just want to see Season 15. I miss my Heartland Family!


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