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How I Met Your Father Season 2 Release Date Announced

The comedy landscape of the past 20 years has been littered with changes, and the sitcom has been no exception.

We’ve seen a general trend away from the sitcom staples of yore. Since shows like Friends, Senfield, The Office rose quickly  to prominence due to several things including their structure and style of filming.

Recent TV comedies such as Black-ish, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, and Master of None are being filmed without the use of a live studio audience. This is a stark contrast to shows which were dominating the industry and the genre.

Probably one of the reasons, How I Met Your Father played its odds and joined the popular show gang despite being a spin-off of the popular drama. It tries to provide content in the style of modern comedy, but keeps going back to a 1980s sitcom.

How I Met Your Father made some serious roars on the internet considering it was a follow up of a hugely popular show that also featured the original cast member from its parents show, Cobie Smulders reprising her role as Robin Scherbatsky.

The show headed by Hillary Duff has kept fans attached to their seats anticipating another season. Well, it is your lucky day as there is finally an exciting update for How I Met Your Father season 2. Check out this article to know everything.

How I Met Your Father Season 2 Is Finally Here With Its Premiere Date

For all those patiently waiting for a ray of sunshine sitting on the fence is finally coming across to your TV screens as the highly anticipated comedy drama is coming sooner than you expected.

The streaming network Hulu has announced the premiere date for season 2 which is going to drop on the platform on January 24th.

Hillary Duff excitedly announced on her social media saying that Hulu has made her wait telling the big date and the season is on its way. The upcoming season is going to drop a total number of 20 episodes on the streaming platform. 

What Is The Show About?

For those who are late to the party,  How I Met Your Father season 2. Following up from How I Met Your Mother, The show utilizes the framing device from the original series.

This starts with a much older Sophie sharing a story with her son about how she met his father. The show starts with a flashback to when Sophie was much older, recounting the day she met his Papa to her son.

The show doesn’t actually have anything to do with How I Met Your Mother. Apart from some callbacks and cameos, the show and its characters are completely separate entities. This time we’re following a group of young people as they search for and pursue romantic relationships in the modern world.

How I Met Your Father stays true to its roots by sticking with the same old sitcom format of its predecessor. This show is filled with modern references that reflect its remake of the original show in order to keep it up to date. The first season is available to stream on Hulu. 

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