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How Hatecopy Took Over 2017

Hatecopy is more than just a dope Instagram page. The illustrator behind the relatable comedic posts, Maria Qamar, has developed a movement with her work. She has brought to life the struggles of the desi woman and built an empire with her artistic talents, working on everything from clothing to Google Doodles!

She blends cultures by representing her “aunty” personas with art inspired by American pop artists Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol. She initially used art to deal with her frustrations regarding bullying at school but it has since turned into a passion. Of course, like all desi parents, her’s weren’t too fond of her love of art so she began with a career in advertising by writing jingles. When she was laid off from her copywriting gig, she was drawing in between looking for another corporate position. She posted an image she drew of an Aunty saying “I burnt the roti’s” and it all started rolling from there. Instagram became a platform to share her art. Slowly, her body of work expanded leading her to develop and build on her brand as time passed and she amassed an ever-growing audience.

Last year, Qamar hit many milestones including launching a special makeup palette with Canada’s NYX brand She also made Flair magazine’s Top 60 under 30 list. She bonded with artist Babneet Lakhesar, more commonly known as Babbu the Painter, over their prior life as desi goth chicks which led to the creation of the art show “Bad Beti.” This time last year, the duo were traveling the world exhibiting their work in New York City, Toronto, and London.

Her brand has developed immensely since then and this week, the artist just released her own line of Google stickers. They embody her signature “aunty” style and you can find it through the Allo App.

That’s not all. Qamar has teamed up with BonLook to create a new line of “Bad Beti” glasses. The company’s philosophy is to cut out the middle-man and the distributor so they can bring their high quality, fashion-forward designs straight to the cosumer. Hatecopy’s “Mumtaz,” “Babbu” and “Paro” reflect the company’s flair for vintage glasses. Now, you can see through the drama with Hatecopy inspired glasses!

Qamar made it to the cover of Toronto Life’s Stylebook. As a local personality, her work has been covered by the magazine numerous times before, including her “Bad Beti” art show. However, this time the magazine lists Qamar as one of their best-dressed people in Toronto.

She also had the honor of creating the Google Doodle that honored Anasuya Sarabhai on her 132nd birthday. Sarabhai was born in Gujrat and married off at 13 but this fierce woman had the power to fight social expectations and left her husband to study in England. After a degree from the London School of Economics, she returned to India to help her people. She was a pioneer in the women’s labor movement in India who fought for higher wages and better working conditions.

“Anasuya’s dedication to justice and equality is something I can relate to,” Qamar wrote on Google’s blog. “I am honored to have the opportunity to share Anasuya’s legacy with the world.”

This August, Qamar was featured in the popular magazine VICE for her work and her book tour. She defined “aunty” in her interview, revealed her love of fish, and what kind of “aunty” she is herself. She even spoke about her recent experience of being denied entry into the United States.

Qamar launched her first book on August 1, aptly titled “Trust No Aunty.” It includes her own life experiences, her relationships with the aunties in her life, her mother, “aunty interference,” family drama and more. She even goes into the various types of aunties from the super extra, dramatic auntie to the health conscious aunty.

She officially became a “Bad Beti” with her bad beti tattoo.

She’s had numerous pop-up shops in Canada and the United States while teaming up with Babbu the Painter, selling merchandise inspired by both of their artwork. The “Bad Beti” collaborations don’t end there. Babbu and Hate Copy developed a partnership with Adidas.

Famed actress Mindy Kaling asked Babbu the Painter and Hate Copy to feature their work on her show “The Mindy Project.” This was definitely a big win for both artists and they were honored to be featured as they are both inspired by Kaling. Fans got to see the episodes featuring the artwork in Mindy’s apartment on the show in season five which aired this year (Oct, 2016-March 2017).

Thought you can only get aunty inspired dresses and tights? Think again, kids.

How cool are these plates? Qamar and Anna, the artist behind Lou Brown Vintage, created a few plates last year and the duo collaborated again for a new batch of hilarious aunty inspired plates.

Lou Brown Vintage adds a little-unexpected spice to your grandma’s old china. They source vintage bone china plates from all over Ontario and Nova Scotia. You can shop more of Anna’s work on Lou Brown Vintage’s Etsy page.

Having rocked years past, and really taking over 2017, we’re already eagerly awaiting what Qamar will bring to the table in 2018. We’re confident she’ll “up the aunty.”



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