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House of the Dragon Season 1 Finale Leaks Online; HBO Responds

‘House Of the Dragon’ has continued to woo fans with its thrilling storyline. The prequel is set nearly 200 years before the events of “Game of Thrones,” telling the story of the Targaryen civil war with King Viserys I Targaryen’s children battling for control of the Iron Throne. While fans wait eagerly for each episode, someone has leaked the Season 1 finale online, just before its scheduled premiere on Sunday (Oct. 23).

HOTD Finale Is Floating Out There…

The “House Of The Dragons” Season 1 premiered in August and since then, it has continued to thrill fans with its top-notch performances and breathtaking visuals. As the drama gets enthralling with each passing episode, someone managed to leak the Season’s finale episode, which was scheduled to premiere on Sunday (Oct. 23).

Soon after the leak, HBO issued a statement regarding the same. We are aware that the tenth episode of House of the Dragon has been posted on illegal torrent sites,” the statement read. “It appears to have originated from a distribution partner in the EMEA region. HBO is aggressively monitoring and pulling these copies from the internet.”

A furious HBO further added that it’s disappointed with this unlawful action, which has disrupted the viewing experience for loyal fans, “who will get to see a pristine version of the episode when it premieres Sunday on HBO and HBO Max, where it will stream exclusively in 4K.”

Well, this isn’t the first time that such a grand show has faced piracy issues. Previously, many episodes of “Game Of Thrones” Season 8 were floating o both illegal sites and legitimate platforms, much before their scheduled airings. As for “House Of The Dragon”, while HBO is making all efforts, be careful to keep your eyes away from the spoilers out there.

What’s There In The Finale?

In the tenth episode of the show, titled The Black Queen, Rhaenyra becomes aware of the Hightowers usurping the seven kingdoms after King Viserys I’s death.  While I do not want to spoil the thrill, before we tune into the finale. Here are some glimpses into the upcoming episode:

A House Of Dragon source on Twitter wrote: “Vermithor, will make his debut in episode 10 He was ridden by Jaehaerys I Targaryen. The only dragon larger is Vhagar.” Another user tweeted, “I lowkey feel bad for Aemond though. Like, imagine accidentally killing your nephew and officially starting a civil war because of your senile dragon.

Another person tweeted, “Just watched the House of Dragons episode 10 leak. Was it good? Yeah, I’d say it was alright. Was it a Season Finale? Nah, absolutely no.” Here’s the best tweet ever: “House of the Dragon episode 10 leaks are out there, so mute your timeline to avoid spoilers. I muted: Rhaenyra, Daemon, Aemond, Alicent, Otto, Vhagar, Syrax, & Dracarys. Probably didn’t cover everything but should be good between now and Sunday night.”

The identity of this person remains unknown and fans are hoping to tune into Sunday’s Episode No. 10 without any spoilers. But hey, the finale is floating out there, and Twitter-verse is urging to mute certain words and phrases, to keep the spoilers away. What do you think about this leak? Have you seen it already? Well, I’d rather prefer to wait.

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