Valentine’s day is upon us and whether you’re single or in a relationship, believe it or not,  this is just a greeting card conspiracy. From the over-priced flowers to the excessive declarations of love, the month of February is so extra. Sometimes it turns into a Hallmark movie come to life, or at least that’s what it feels like.

YouTubers like Lilly Singh, Harjit, Jas, and Simmi are here to smack you in the face with the reality of Valentine’s day. It’s hard being single on this day of love when people are forcing romance down your throats. And hullo, in today’s dating scene, it’s challenging to find gifts that actually apply to your dysfunctional relationship.

Check out these hilarious videos inspired by the holiday from your favorite YouTubers:

Dan and Riya

Dan and Riya are the cutest not-a-real-life-couple-couple on YouTube! Check out these Canadian cuties as they depict how Valentine’s day tends to go for couples vs. how it is for singles. Dan’s character Tootsie is totally every single girl pining for a boyfriend on Valentine’s day.

P.S. It’s so uncool that restaurants force you to have a date for their Valentine’s day specials. What if I want to eat a meal for two? Don’t judge me!


Jas and Harjit give you the rundown of how Valentine’s day will go depending on the type of girlfriend you have. Whether she’s the lovey-dovey type or the feminist who has been secretly planning the perfect Valentine’s day date for months.

(Side note: Being a feminist doesn’t mean you despise Valentine’s day, it just means you believe that girls have the responsibility to put in just as much effort to make this day special as guys do. Equality means shared responsibility, duh!)

Simmi Singh

Friends in love tend to feel the need to push you to find a man/woman so you’re not alone on this holiday. Why is it so necessary to have an elaborate and supremely romantic date for Valentine’s day? How come I can’t sit in my pj’s all day eating donuts? They ARE my trusted love after all. These sprinkles will love me more than any man. Check out Simmi’s version of her “perfect” Valentine’s day date.

Poonam and Priyanka

Right after Christmas, stores start vomiting Valentines products from cards to candies to creepy bigger than life cutesy stuffed animals and other random ish in hues of red and pink. Before you know it, you’re being attacked by giant bears in aisles of heart-shaped candy. Have you ever looked at those candy hearts? What if they had realistic messages instead of “hug me?”

Poonam and Priyanka have come up with some hilarious options like “I love you, like a friend,” “What are we?” and “I would never leave you on ‘read.'” I would totally buy these, make it happen, girls!


Superwoman is skilled at creating holiday videos, she goes all out for Christmas and Halloween, and Valentine’s day is no different. This year she created an infomercial for honest Valentine’s day cards! The greeting card companies need to re-think their mushy unrealistic messages that don’t apply to the new generation.

Like Poonam and Priyanka’s realistic candy hearts, Superwoman brings us some hilariously accurate “Cut The Crap” Valentine’s day cards, like “You’re Pregnant so I’ll Learn to Love you.”


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