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Hilarie Burton Slams Candace Cameron Bure for Excluding LGBTQ Movies from Great American Family Programming

Hilarie Burton has called out Candace Cameron Bure over her stance on the representation of LGBTQ love stories on television. Bure, who moved to the Great American Family as an executive in April 2022, has sparked outrage after stating that her new network home would not air movies based on queer romance.

Burton has now slammed Bure for being a ‘bigot’ and has called the network ‘disgusting’. The One Tree Hill actress expressed her disappointment over the network’s ideology on Twitter. Read on to know more about the development.

Hilarie Burton Slams Candace Cameron Bure for Excluding LGBTQ Movies from GAC Programming

The 40 year old actress took to Twitter on Monday to retweet a post that featured Bure’s statement and wrote, “Now they’re just openly admitting their bigotry. I called this shit out years ago when Abbott was at Hallmark. Glad they dumped him. Being LGBTQ isn’t a “trend”. That guy and his network are disgusting.”

“You too Candy. There is nothing untraditional about same-sex couples,” she added. Burton then retweeted another news article featuring the network’s ideology and wrote, “Bigot. I don’t remember Jesus liking hypocrites like Candy. But sure. Make your money, honey. You ride that prejudice wave all the way to the bank.”

Burton’s Comments were in Response to Bure’s Statement in the Wall Street Journal

In the Wall Street Journal published on Monday, Bure talked about her decision to move from Hallmark to Great American Family. She said the switch was because she “knew the people behind Great American Family were Christians that love the Lord and wanted to promote faith programming and good family entertainment.”

Bure, who serves as the chief creative officer on GAC, added that the network ‘will keep traditional marriage at the core.’ Bill Abbott, the former Hallmark CEO who founded GAC, doubled down on the idea and said, “It’s certainly the year 2022, so we’re aware of the trends. There’s no whiteboard that says, ‘Yes, this’ or ‘No, we’ll never go here.’”

Bure and Abbott had earlier said in an interview that Great American Family’s primary focus would be Christmas and Christianity. Bure had stated, “I think we know the core audience and what they love is exactly how Bill originally built the Hallmark Channel. That was Christmas and those traditional holidays, so that’s what the focus is going to be.”

Social Media Disappointed with Candace’s Statement

Hilarie Burton wasn’t the only one calling out the network and Candace. She was joined by a number of social media users who were angry over the non-inclusive behavior of GAC’s executives.

“Of course she’s homophobic. But it will never cease to amaze me how people like her hide behind the Bible, a book just full of healthy traditional marriages,” wrote a user. A second one wrote, “Candace Cameron Bure explains why she switched from Hallmark to GAC. Hallmark was not racist or homophobic enough for her beliefs.”

“Candace Cameron Bure says her new Christmas movies won’t feature LGBTQ love stories. She needs to leave acting and stay in her Christian white anti gay home … what a crock of crap she spouts,” tweeted another.

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