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Here’s Why Bringing Up Bates Season 11 Isn’t Happening

Raising 19 Children isn’t Tough, Learn from the Bates.

Bringing Up Bates Season 11 isn’t happening and the show is taken off-air. The news was announced by UP TV themselves.

On January 18th, 2022, they announced that Bringing Up Bates Season 11 is canceled.

Bringing Up Bates is a story that revolves around the Bates family and is an American reality show. The show streams on Up TV. The story revolves around Gil Bates and Kelly Bates who are doing the best they can to nurture their 19 children along with the extended members.

Bringing Up Bates Season 11

The show’s debut was back in 2015 and ever since the show has continued until now. However, there is a craving question that follows, will the show return for another season?

Let’s find out.

Bringing Up Bates Season 11 Isn’t Happening! Why?

I know most of you are here seeking answers. Well, let me get right to it.

The American reality show will not offer us Season 11. The shooting is almost done but the show will not air.

Why though?

Up TV in the latest statement said, “We will not be showing Bringing Up Bates season 11 on UPtv as scheduled as we will be focusing our programming in 2022 on movies and a new scripted series to be announced soon.”

The further added, “When we premiered Bringing Up Bates, the series was focused on parents with 19 kids who were teenagers and young toddlers. The cameras were there to capture the love, jokes, and important life milestones, as the family continued to grow. Thank you to Gil and Kelly Jo Bates for bringing viewers into your family’s home over the past 10 seasons.”

In June 2021, Bringing Up Bates Season 10 came out.

Ending it, they said, “the experiences we’ve shared together as a family and for the lessons we’ve learned along the way.”

What is Bringing Up Bates About?

Kelly Bates and Gil Bates got married to each other in 1987. For both, having kids wasn’t an option.

However, time changed and so did the Bates. So much that they were parents of 19 kids. They all spent their time under the same roof.

They come across challenges and it is the essence of the family how beautifully they tackle them.

Moreover, The Bates family have also to say something starting with “God’s timing is always perfect”

“The previous ten seasons of filming with Bringing Up Bates have been a fantastic adventure for our family. We never planned or aspired to be on TV, but we are forever thankful to UP for all of the friendships we have created as a consequence,”, they further added.

Bringing Up Bates Season 11

Furthermore, speaking about the family and their lifestyle on TV, they said.

“Filming and opening up our home has been both gratifying and challenging, but there are not enough words we could say to demonstrate appreciation for the excellent film team and all of the personnel who have committed so much time into making this show happen. They have become family and have influenced us forever. We are also appreciative for all of the support we have received over the years from folks who have watched the show and have reached out to message us or pray for us.”

How does that make you feel? Let us know.

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  1. I will no longer watch UPTV Bringing Up Bates was my favorite show on that network. It was a show my entire family loved!

    • Bringing Up Bates is a good Christian family. It was always a blessing to me. This is what we need more of. I’m going to miss this family greatly. Up TV should reconsider .

      • Totally agree! I doubt they would’ve been cancelled had the Duggar family not had so much sin exposed. They are a refreshing breath of a family trying to live for God.


  2. I hate that they are canceling bringing up bates. We loved watching one of the few shows that is wholesome and clean. They will be missed.

  3. UpTv please bring back bringing up Bates family. I love watching the family. It is my favorite TV show. When the Bates family first came on UpTv I watched every Thursday for them too come on. They’re my favorite show ever.

  4. My Family is So Upset, Your Making a Huge Mistake By Not Airing Bringing Up Bates New Season & Future Episodes. This Show Was One Our Whole Family Loved & Watched Together As a Family. You’re Not Convincing Anyone That There Wasn’t Another Show You Could End Instead of the Bates Family!!! The Movies Are ALL Having Gay Couples & Stuff NO Family Needs to Watch. If You Won’t Have a Change of Heart & Stop Putting The Almighty Dollars in Front of FAMILY TIME, Well Shame on You All & I Can’t Tell You How Many People Have Said They’ll Stop Watching The UP TV Channel All Together & We Will To!!! Please Reconsider Your Decision About Airing The Show. Thank You & God Bless. Prayer’s For You All & Your Family’s.

      • Thank you for this question…and they call themselves Christians. Love they neighbor as God does, tolerance and love would do this country a lot of good right now! Hypocrites that I bet voted for the worst president (vulgar and racist) we ever experienced in 2016, you are shameful in your hypocrisies.

        I bet any amount of money you all watched the Duggars too, yeah, I am sure of it! The great thing about TV is you can turn the channel.

      • Nothing is wrong with gay families. I just happen to not want to watch anyone sticking their tongue down anyone’s throat.

        Our country could use a good dose of moral values. As young as they are when they marry, I’ll bet the Bates don’t end up in divorce court. They’ve learned from their parents how to show love and respect to their spouses.

        The best way to teach a child is through example. Is there any other TV show that sets an example that you want your child to follow?

  5. I guess I will not be watching uptv anymore. The only reason I pay the extra $10.00 each month was to just watch Bringing up Bates. It was a wholesome show and true to life. So I guess I’ll be saving $10.00 !a month from now on. So so sad what a disappointment.

    • I recently lost my husband of 39 years. I found this show on Faith and Family Roku station. Finding this program is the only reason I kept paying. Probably will not continue my subscription. Such a shame. It was uplifting and very entertaining. Very rare to find a program that stands for purity, loving kindness, Godly principals, and safe to watch with my granddaughter. You are making a mistake UpTV. Hope I can find out if it is continuing on another station.

    • I agree!!! If you have already filmed season 11 you should show it!!! And then continue with future seasons!! Watching Bringing Up Bates was the only reason I started watching UPTV. Then I watched some of your movies and did not like hardly any of them. I have stopped recording the movies. Bring back the Bates!!!

  6. This is a horrible mistake on Uptv’s part. No one will see their “new scripted series” because there will be too many cancellations. Why on earth would anyone pay $10 per month to watch what you can get on regular cable or streaming for free via Hallmark channel. Nothing says “loser” more than fixing something that makes you money, when it’s NOT broken.

  7. We will be cancelling our subscription to uptv
    The Bates family has been such a light in the dark ess
    May the Lord bless the Bates family

    • I am VERY disappointed in UP tv! Bringing Up Bates is a good Christian family. It was always a blessing to me. Something I could watch with my family and know I wouldn’t have inappropriate , vulgar things to fast forward or have to explain to my kids!!! This is what we need more of. I’m going to miss this family greatly!!!! Such sweet folks, that loves the Lord and wasn’t ashamed of it!!! . Up TV should be ashamed!!!! UP tv reconsider!!! No more UP tv for me!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I’m very upset Bringing UpBates will not be coming on. This family made me happy and smile. I lost my son last March I try surround myself with good shows. I think this is huge mistake

  8. I can’t believe you are taking away such an uplifting family experience! You claim to be the network that brings uplifting programming then remove the best show you have. I wonder if you have decided to not be so uplifting? It’s sad that you have made this decision. I’m no longer a fan of your network.

    • Why what tv program is more important or better if season 11 is filmed already allpw the bates to swy a proper gpodbye .going to misss u guys god bless ur big family i wish the bates boys who engaged the best.

  9. I absolutely love Bringing Up Bates, and even follow many of the older couples on YouTube. I look forward to the new seasons and seeing the changes in the family since I have watched them grow up. I am so disappointed that UpTV is not going to at least air season 11 since it has already been filmed.

  10. It’s just NOT RIGHT to take
    Bringing Up Bates Off the Air 😡
    But I just know Another Network
    will see their chance to Bring them
    Back to TV because it’s a good
    Wholesome Show and there’s Not
    To Many of those on Anymore
    God Bless The Bates Family

  11. Yes please bring back Bringing up bates that is the only reason that I subscribe to ups so I can watch them that’s my favorite show and you will lose me as a subscriber Please please please bring back bringing up bates thank you have a good day

  12. It’s really sad that up tv has cancelled Bringing up Bates, their show is a wholesome good family show. They have brought nothing but good family values to tv and that’s hard to come by. I will be cancelling up tv because you cancelled my favorite family to watch 🥺🥺

  13. Bringing Up Bates was the only reason I found out about UPtv. I am extremely upset that you have chosen to shut off a light in the midst the darkness of the past two years.

  14. I guess I’ll be canceling UPtv. I watched ONLY for Bringing up Bates. So much trash on the other networks and I love Ed to binge watch their show. Terrible mistake is being made unless you have a J. Duggar case on your hands. Why not show Season 11? Do you read replies and do you even care? Is all of this a great waste of time? We’ll see. If a waste of time I’ll join the others in canceling my subscription.

    • I agree. Josie also has a channel and Katie and Travis are thinking about it. Lawson also has a channel, with Tiffany, but doesn’t post very often.

  15. That was the best show about family and love. Uptv just wrong. I don’t watch anything on your channel but Bates. Please another station pick them up.

  16. We so enjoyed watching the Bates family all these years. They are a great family who were able to hold onto their Christian values along with staying up-to-date in their dress and hairstyles and make up. I loved their boutique. It proved to the world that you can have values and still look good and have fun while doing it. I wish it could go on forever. As one commentator suggested, why don’t you air them last season. It’s never good to abruptly cancel, it will be better for the station if things can come to a gradual end. I will be canceling my subscription also if the Bates programming is canceled this way. There aren’t many good family programs anymore. This one will be missed. Love to the Bates.

  17. This is the best show on tv. I’ll be canceling my subscription now because Bringing Up Bates was the only show worth paying for.

  18. I’m 62 years old and absolutely love this show. I actually call them My Bates family. One of the best shows. I hate you canceled this family show. Was looking forward to watching the Bates that was supposed to start again in February. They had alot more adventures to film. Please please bring them back!!

  19. Canceled my subscription and now o can change my TV carrier. I stayed there to watch them. I’m praying another network picks them up….a network drops a good Christian family for reruns movies no one watches. Bye bye up…done with you

  20. Bringing Up Bates is a great show. I really think that you are making a high mistake Uptv. This show showed what family is supposed to be like. That is something that lots of people out there don’t have. If you have season 11 then go ahead and show it.

      • What is your problem? If you don’t like a show, change the channel, it’s that simple! Not everyone wants to see sex, crime, drugs & cursing on TV all of the time! Sometimes you need a break, and just enjoy watching a nice show, with wholesome values.
        If they want to have 20 children each, that is their business!

  21. I only started watching UPTV for bringing up bates, Gilmore girls and Reba. I’m so disappointed that UpTv dropped Bringing up bates. It was a great show with a great family.

  22. It always seems like the good wholesome shows are the ones the networks sacrifice. In today’s craziness in the world, wholesome should be something that gets strived for, instead of put on the back burner or worse, taken off the stove.
    It doesn’t seem to matter what the people want or need and who buy the products advertised on the programs which pay for the network. The people always seem to be on the losing end.
    I will be eliminating UPtv from my line up. It’s a shame because it was one of my favorites.

  23. Never going to be a fan of UPtv or watch, ever again! You cannot tell me that this is not a highly rated, money making show! The powers that be, screwed up big time on this one!

  24. I knew it was only a matter of time before, Bringing Up Bates, would be cancelled. The reason I knew this is because it was the last of the family shows left on television! Please don’t get me wrong, because I used to LOVE watching, “Reba” on TV. But, why NOT take off TWO of the thousands of REBA re-runs & put the Bates family show back on!!!🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️ PLEASE stop, and consider the time families spent together watching something besides, breast enhancement surgeries, plastic surgeries, sex, lust, fornication, adulterous affairs, more sex, filthy language, unplanned pregnancies, more sex, DISRESPECT, sex changes, men dressing like women, shall I continue because I CAN!!! Me & my granddaughters were very sad, & terribly upset when the show was cancelled, and I will no longer watch the Up TV network.

  25. Uptv making a HUGE mistake cancelling this show. Shame on you, one of the best family orientated programs…we in our family are done with uptv

  26. I agree with everyone else, I loved bringing up bates, and always was really excited about Thursday, why should one show suffer because of knowing someone. I watched the Duggar family and then the bates, believe me they are as different as day and night. Bates family is real and Duggar family is fake. I will no longer watch anything on uptv.

  27. You are making a big mistake by taking this off the air… They are still a family of 19+ grandchildren and in-laws and they are clearly very active in all of their children’s lives. To take a show off that as well loved is about the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard of. You will lose ratings and have lost my viewership of anything else on your channel.

    The show is only 30 minutes are you seriously telling me you can’t find 30 minutes? It should be 60 minutes. Again… Big mistake on your part.

  28. Nothing I can say that hadn’t already been said! You are making such a huge mistake!! So let the cards fall where they may!! Just know you you did it to yourself! May God bless the Bates as they move forward with their lives!!!!

  29. I was going to subscribe to UPTV, but now I WON’T! So upsetting to see really good wholesome shows taken off air. This world NEEDS MORE shows like this. Why can’t UPTV see this?!????!!! I really hope it’s not because of one Duggar family member. The Bates, & the rest of the world that enjoy watching them should NOT have to suffer because of the one sinner !!

  30. Amazing that everyone is leaving out the part where Carlin posted a video of one of the family members making a racist joke and everyone else heartily laughing at it. The Bates also have a room in their home dedicated to the Confederacy, including Nathan Bedford Forrest, first Grand Wizard of the KKK, that the show has been called out for hiding. I’m guessing the public racist video was the last straw for UPtv.

    • I agree with you they are undercover racist. I stopped watching them when I saw the two boys at the capital riot and the confederate stuff. Glad it’s gone😄

    • There must be some thing going on that UP has not told us! Did they get bought out by the liberal media? Don’t we have enough trash on the liberal stations?

      Even though I’m not a Christian, there are so many things I’ve learned from this show about raising loving and caring children.

      I’m with all the others, I’m canceling UP and really hope Magnolia Network or another network has the commonsense to pickup this wonderful show! In the meantime I’ll find other ways to keep up with this amazing family.

  31. I am so disappointed!! The Bates is the only show I watched on UpTv. They are such a beautiful family that kept me laughing, smiling and just a feel good program. Why wouldn’t they air season 11 if it’s been filmed?? Makes NO SENSE! UpTv you are losing so many subscribers!!! Not a smart move

  32. I think there is something going on you don’t just drop a popular tv program that’s already filmed a season. UpTv what’s the real reason? Big mistake

  33. The only reason I pay for UPTV is to see Bringing up bates. Unless you reconsider this I will drop your channel. I have no desire to watch movies that have been on over an over, this was the one show my grandchildren could watch an I didn’t have worry, that the F bomb would be every other word or see same sex couples. I thought it was UPTV FAITH AN FAMILY. I will wait a month to see if you reconsider otherwise I will cancel an save my 10 dollars

  34. I will no longer watch UPtv after the cancellation of Bringing Up Bates. I guess your network no longer wants to be affiliated with a wonderful Christian family like the Bates. We need more shows on tv like Bringing Up Bates.

  35. I am so very disappointed in UPtv’s decision to cancel Bringing Up Bates. I too am among the MANY people who will be canceling their subscription to the UPtv network with my tv provider.
    UPtv management is completely out of touch with their customers—so very sad. Bringing Up Bates was the ONLY show I watched on the network. UPtv’s movies are terrible and I am sick of the thought that UPtv believes that reruns of OLD tv shows is a popular choice with their ( soon to be ex) viewers.
    So long and goodby forever to UPtv.

  36. God is so Awesome that God will step in and change the hearts of man. Thank God for the Bates family and continue to keep them in prayer. What you do for Christ shall last. You have a out pour of love from lots of fans. That should let you know Bates family Christ did the work in you to give people some peace in life. Thanks

  37. Please bring back the Bates they are the best program I have ever watched I love their family I love what their families are doing for each other it is what I like to watch I just applied to the Christian one that they’re on they’re on and if you bring the new season on there I’ll still pay for that too not I’m canceling and Heartland you need to bring what’s her name’s husband back somehow too those are the kind of programs I like cause they’re clean they’re not violent or cutting in there I love stuff like that cause your family oriented bring back the Bates bring back the Bates bring back debates please please I have 36 people that come and watch at my house so bring them back please We are waiting for a channel will we will all stop watching the channel

  38. The ONLY reason I got UP TV was for Bringing Up Bates. They are a good Christian influence and we need more not less of that. We don’t need more movies…sorry UP…Im done with you unless you bring them back. All of us out here feel like you’ve taken away family..we looked so forward to seeing this wonderful family.

  39. I am so sorry you all took my favorite show off. It doesn’t make sense. Showing the same old Gilmore Girls and Reba. Please let them show the last season 🙏🏿. Please Bring up Bates just a great show

  40. I am also a big fan of Bringing Up Bates, which was the only show I watched up UP tv. Since UP tv has decided to cancel this show, I will no longer be watching UP tv, either.

  41. iam a huge fan of bringing up bates i only watch uptv for them i am sorry to say i will not continue watching
    please bring them back

  42. I am devastated over this. It’s my favorite show to watch. I won’t be watch UP anymore. Why in the world would you NOT show a season that has completed filming? There’s more to this than meets the eye I think.

    Thanks UP for ruining my whole next season. This is one of the few shows I even bother to watch because I so enjoy the wholesomeness of it.

  43. Bringing up Bates was one of the best reality shows on TV. Extremely disappointed that UP tv canceled the show. I hope another station picks up the show.

  44. I just cannot bring myself to believe Bringing Up the Bates is cancelled. I felt like I was part of the family. I remember loving each one of them. At first Gil was my favorite the way he would cry during tender moments. Then I loved Kelly as she explained things…her hand movements…her love but mostly her beautiful joyful energy. Just watched Nathan and Esters wedding. To see him do happy made me sooooo happy. Please Bring Back the Bates!!!

  45. If the Bates family wanted to be done, I say thank you for sharing. If the show was canceled I am sad. This is the final & only program I watched on up TV. So I guess I can take this channel off my preferred list of programs. So sorry UP-tv. There r so few G-rated programs to watch, guess this network wants more R- rated & PG-Rated shows. Good luck UP, you r certainly going down….hill.

  46. I enjoyed watching Bringing Up Bates It is a clean show. No murdering, men kissing men,women kissing women, no bedroom hopping, drunkenness, cursing, nakedness,
    ect!!, Uptv do you get the message we need more wholesome clean tv viewing. America is tired of all the Filth on tv. That’s why I mostly watch game shows (and theirs plenty of half dressed host to last me a lifetime). So please reconsider cancelling the Bates family as they were the only show that I watched on Uptv. I’ll also be cancelling my subscription to Uptv.

  47. Bringing up Bates was my most favorite show. I would wait all week to catch up on the family and their lives, often taking me away from issues in my own world that may be weighing on me, if only for an hour.

    Gil and Kelly Bates have raised and are raising a family of whom they can be proud. Each and every adult child is a contributing member of society. The family is a great example to families everywhere irregardless of their religious affiliations. They are just positive role models at a time when such examples are sorely needed in the world.

    UpTv or another wise network, please bring them back!! There are already so many “family” movies on tv that it seems ridiculous to remove the experiences of a real family for made up, scripted ones when you can already turn to any number of other avenues to see them 24/7.

  48. So UP TV gives into pressure from the media and haters of this family? Please tell the truth and be transparent as to why you are canceling this reality show about a Christian family supposedly on a faith based network! Everyone makes mistakes but only Christians are held to a hire standard and not allowed forgiveness for verbal opinions stated publicly. This is a good family, and a good show without profanity. Please air Season 11 since filming is completed. Air a goodbye from the family, then be done with the series. Anything less and UpTV is no better than then the political driven media paid stations! Definitely shame on you! Another disappointed American.

  49. I agree with so many other people. TV today is trash. This is the only Christian based show left. Why cancel? It’s crazy. I have watched since the beginning. I’m very disappointed and will pray they will change their mind.

  50. Yep same here..I’m done with UPTV
    Love love the Bates..I love watching them and loved seeing how everyone has grown they are the most realistic family and so genuine more than any reality show I’ve ever watched I will truly miss them..so NO more UPTV for me

  51. We loved watching the Bates Family. Up Tv you have lost another viewer. Magnolia Network pick up Bringing up Bates!! The Gaines family is all about family values soooooo come on Magnolia!!

  52. I literally only have a subscription to watch Bringing Up Bates!! I too will be canceling. How can you just cancel a show right before a season is going to air!!!! This sucks! Bates family I hope another network picks up your show. You guys are an amazing family!

  53. Well Bates Family fans, I agree that canceling a very popular program for no apparent reason is very suspicious. I personally suspect that Up TV has made the decision to follow suit with other big corporations, Big Tech, Social Media platforms and all the other mainstream JERKS out there and they have gone WOKE!! What other reason could it possibly be? And if that is their reason, good riddance to them (UPTV) and the sooner the better.

  54. I guess I will cancel my UPTV subscription. It’s the only reason I signed up. It was nice watching with my children and not worry what was on it.

  55. Dear Gil & Kelly,
    I love you all so much and truly miss you. I have been a viewer for every season. You all are like family. I know the names of all children and grandchildren. You all have been such a blessing and inspiration to so many. You will always have a special place in my heart. I sincerely hope to meet you in person someday. May God’s bountiful blessings be yours. God is with us always no matter the circumstances, and I know that He has great and mighty things in store for you.
    “Love You”

  56. There was alot people looking forward to this season why would you do that. I’m canceling my subscription as well only reason I paid Xtra 10 bucks was to see bates forget it now. Why would you wait 3 weeks before it’s supposed to debut dumb move.

  57. My name is Jacqueline Lynn Frisby an I am big fan of the show Bringing Up The Bates I thank you are wrong for taking them off.

  58. WOW!!! This is a very sad sad day bringing up the bates is what brought me to up tv I even purchased there streaming so I could watch more and over and over again… it was a show that brought my family together. Now I’m sorry Uptv but I will be saying good bye to you and canceling my yearly subscription…. hopefully you will wake up and realize your extremely huge mistake and bring are Bates family back!!! Are hearts are broken, family members lost…

    • My mom is right very sad to hear and very disappointed in Uptv!!!! There is not a lot of “good tv show to watch out there especially for the whole family! Canceling ours subscription after I’m done here bye-bye Kayla Eilers

  59. Bates family became the highlight of my day. Uplifting in every way. What this world needed. Sad. Won’t be needing Uptv anymore.

  60. Cancelling Bringing Up The Bates is heartbreaking. This is such a wonder Christian family that demonstrates how to raise healthy, happy, loving and giving children. It was also a great example of what healthy marriages look like. That is so hard these days on and off TV! Please show season 11!!

  61. This is a crime that UPS drop the Bates show ! All I see on my tv anymore is shooting and people changing their genders , people coming out with there sex . The Bates was go for your soul . There are just good people and wish we can have more of them .

  62. I really enjoyed this program and am so sorry to hear it was cancelled. This family shared their values with America. It’s a shame that our networks think trash and violence is what we want. We enjoyed seeing our family (even though not blood related) It would be nice to see them once a year to see how they’re doing

  63. I will not watch UP tv again. If you can take off a show with such a warm God loving family as the Bates you don’t deserve any viewers for any of your shows. The hope was you would expand. to an hour not cancel it. Can you be so stupid to cancel a show that people love for a movie that we can see on Netflix or Prime at anytime. With all the violence in this country right now…it was such a good thing to see that families can still laugh and believe in their God, love their parents, their brothers and sisters, work, and even build a church. What hope they inspire to some of us who see no hope for a better life in this time of Covid and school violence that is plaguing This United States. Your network needs people to run it that care about the world we live in and to people who are faithful viewers.

  64. Except for the occasional movie, Bringing Up Bates was the only reason to watch UP. Hour after hour of Reba and Gilmore Girls is not my idea of wholesome entertainment.

  65. Eventually there will be no wholesome, moral family oriented shows on tv to tune into. Anything good will be considered bad and bad considered good. Corporations and government are taking control of what we see and hear, including and especially our children. I would bet the people in charge of UpTV have sold their souls to the devil. Let their rates fall along with then. I wish the Bates family well and will be blessed twofold in their future endeavors. God doesn’t forsake His followers. He always has a plan and I’m sure He has another plan for the Bates family. Will miss them but who knows, maybe we’ll see them somewhere else.


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