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Headless Horseman Trailer Features A Modern Take On The Classic Gothic Story

Let’s face it: we all have a soft spot for classic gothic films. From the beautiful sets to the Gothic-style clothing, these movies are just so fun to watch. The obsession with gothic films has been going on for a long time. 

Classic films like Dracula, Frankenstein, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and Nosferatu are all well-known classics that have led to the creation of many other films in the same genre. 


Fans of these films were able to watch them whenever they wanted and take part in the excitement that comes along with watching a movie that deals with vampires, ghosts, and werewolves.

One such classic gothic story is being reprised in the modern world by the famous distribution network The Asylum. The upcoming gothic horror “Headless Horseman” tells the story of almost decapitated and desperate man who has to deal with the Devil to save his love and take revenge on a drug dealer who hardly murdered him

The upcoming modern gothic drama is based on the classic The Legend of Sleepy Hollow is out with a trailer for everyone to witness the legendary story once again. Take a look and find it for yourself.

Headless Horseman Trailer features a modern take on the classic gothic story

Those who remember THe Legend of Sleepy Hollow, a classic gothic story about the titular character, who rises from the dead to haunt the town he once lived in. The story has been adapted into several films and television shows, and it’s currently being adapted into a movie by Jose Prendes.

The story has been told for over 200 years, but it has only recently become an obsession among fans. They love this tale because it touches on themes like death, rebirth, and morality—themes that they think are relevant today, as well as they, were in the past.

The fresh trailer showcases a weird take on the famous story. A man who has just survived being nearly beheaded makes a deal with the Devil to protect his love interest and seek revenge on the drug dealer who almost killed him.

The trailer is a bit intense but gives out some fun scenes to the audience as well including a Breaking Bad type situation where a man in a yellow chemistry suit is getting beaten up in a drug lab as same in the show.

We see the man getting into action and doing weird things including walking headless and eating people after killing them. 

When is Headless Horseman releasing?

The scary adaptation of the famous Sleepy Hollow has been released in a few theatres located in Miami and Georgia. The film is also available to watch on VOD (video on demand). 


The film stars MichaelPare, Sean Whalen, Nic Caruccio and Amanda Jones.  The film is written and directed by José Prendes (The Haunting of Whaley House).

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