Hasan Minhaj to Write for Ms. Marvel’s 50th Issue

Actor and award-winning comedian Hasan Minhaj just stepped into the world of Marvel! The Muslim-American “Daily Show” correspondent is now a part of the creative team behind Ms. Marvel.

The original Ms. Marvel was Carol Danvers, but Muslim-Americans Sana Amanat and G. Willow Wilson recreated Ms. Marvel as Kamala Khan, a teenage Pakistani-American who mutates to an Inhuman. Inhumans are the race of humans who gain superpowers from the experimental mist known as Terrigen Mist. Kamala Khan obtains her powers when she sneaks out to a party late at night and on her way home gets caught up in a cloud of Terrigen Mist.

Minhaj joins a special 50th issue of the comic to write Kamala Khan’s epic sleepover and Jersey City battle in Ms.Marvel #31. Minhaj joins editor Sana Amanat, and writers G. Willow Wilson, Saladin Ahmed and Rainbow Rowell to work on the comic.

“This issue is a truly a one-of-a kind celebration! In honor of all the different kinds of fans Ms. Marvel has, we thought it fitting to make this a jam session of rockstar talent from across the comics and entertainment industry,” editor Sana Amanat told Marvel News. “It’s a special story with all the heart and humor we’ve come to love with Kamala Khan. We’re thrilled we made it to 50 issues. Here’s to the next 50!”

To make this milestone even more special, there were two covers, an original by Valerio Schiti and a variant by Stephanie Hans. Hans has a more feminine take on Ms. Marvel with her thick curls blowing in the wind.


Minhaj has slowly become one of the most influential Muslim Americans in media. This past year has been filled with memorable moments from speaking at the White House Correspondents Dinner to his award-winning Netflix special, “Homecoming King,” a supporting role in Mindy Kaling’s “Champions” and a role in the upcoming comedy “The Spy Who Dumped Me.” There’s also talks of a new Netflix show Minhaj will be hosting.

Be sure to check up on how Minhaj fares as a comic book writer when the new issue of the comic releases on June 27.


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