Hasan Minhaj and Carol Burnett took home Peabody Awards this weekend. Image Source: Instagram">
Hasan Minhaj and Carol Burnett took home Peabody Awards this weekend. Image Source: Instagram

Actor and Comedian Hasan Minhaj took home a Peabody Award this past weekend for his Netflix special, “Homecoming King.” His entire team was present to accept the award.


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My Homecoming 👑 team. Couldn’t have done this without them!!!

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The Peabody Awards was created by the National Association of Broadcasters to recognize excellence in a varied range of electronic media. Since 1948 the awards have honored television programs, websites, blogs, radio broadcasts and many other forms of electronic media. Their goal is to honor the art of storytelling and bring attention to stories that matter, so it’s no surprise that Minhaj’s “Homecoming King” caught their attention.

The Netflix stand-up comedy special was a personal memoir of Minhaj and chronicles his immigrant experiences as an Indian American. He jokes about the crazy things his desi parents do as well as more serious encounters with racism. From discovering his new little sister when she arrived from India, to convincing his Muslim parents for their blessings to marry his Hindu girlfriend, Minhaj’s life struggles are relatable to many. He evokes empathy, understanding, and love along with a ish ton laughter.

This wasn’t Minhaj’s first time at the Peabody Awards. In 2015 he joined John Stewart and the team of “The Daily Show” for their 2015 win.

Winning a Peabody and sharing the stage with the legendary Carol Burnett. Unreal.

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This year, Peabody Award winners include Carol Burnett, who received the Career Achievement award. Minhaj posted a snap with Burnett expressing his joy in sharing a stage with the pioneer. Other winners included shows like “Insecure,” “Saturday Night Live,” “The Handmaid’s Tale,” and “74 Seconds” and “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.”


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