Can’t get enough of Hasan Minhaj? Neither can we! The actor and comedian is prepping for a North American summer tour that kicks off in August, as well as a new weekly Netflix series.

Minhaj plans to incorporate his personal experiences as a first-generation Indian-American, much like he did on his hit Netflix special “Homecoming King.” The special recently won a Peabody Award.

Minhaj hopes to create the insightful commentary that reflects the difficulties of a brown man managing the current political and social climate.

“I wanted to go on tour again and present what I think will be sort of cool, insightful commentary on both the political and cultural landscape of the country that we live in right now,” Minhaj told The Associated Press. “A lot people turn to daily satirical news shows to just say, ‘Hey, what is going on? Please explain it to me and break it down for me in a 7 1/2-minute act.’ What I have the opportunity to do — not only in a one-hour show but also hopefully in the series — is to talk about why things are happening and what larger questions it presents to ourselves as Americans.”

Minhaj acknowledges that in these dark and divisive times we need comedy to turn the darkness into a moment of light instead. He hopes his new Netflix show will be able to bring that positivity.

“If we can make it funny, that’s where, rightfully so, the John Olivers and Jon Stewarts and Trevor Noahs of the world get their applause and praise for,” Minhaj told The Associated Press. “Like, ‘Wow, they were able to turn this very dark piece of legislation or piece of news into something positive.”

The tour, titled “Hasan Minhaj: Before the Storm” begins in Los Angeles on Aug. 11 and will hit many major cities like Atlanta, Toronto, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Boston, Milwaukee, Dallas, Minneapolis, Chicago, and more.

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2017 was a good year for “The Daily Show” correspondent, from hosting the first White House Correspondents’ Dinner since Trump’s election to releasing his autobiographical comedy special, “Hasan Minhaj: Homecoming King.

More recently, he was also featured on Jerry Seinfeld’s Netflixshow, had a guest role on Mindy Kaling’s “Champions,” and he was roped in to write for the 50th issue of the Ms. Marvel comic. 

God bless the Mecca 🙏🏾

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Minhaj can’t stop, won’t stop, and we are definitely not complaining!


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