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Harry Styles Stops Concert After A Fan Throws Chicken Nugget On The Stage

Harry Styles, the former member of the world-famous One Direction, is currently on tour. He was recently performing at the iconic Madison Square Garden in New York when he suddenly stopped the show!

Styles had to stop the concert because someone threw a chicken nugget at him!

Harry Styles Stopped Show in NYC

Styles takes some time to interact with the audience when he is performing. It include asking people their names, helping a fan come out to their parents, etc.

This time, a fan threw a chicken nugget at him on stage. He picked up the cold piece of food laying on the floor and asked “Is that a chicken nugget?” He then lifted it up in the air and carried it around saying “Interesting, very interesting approach.”

As the crowd cheered, Styles asked who threw the chicken nugget when another was thrown from the crowd.

The fans began chanting “Eat it” urging the Watermelon singer to actually eat the chicken nugget. Styles responded, “I don’t eat chicken, I don’t eat meat, sorry.” He then proceeded to say that “First of all, this is cold and I am assuming very old”.

Styles asked the owner if he wanted the nugget back. He was surprised when the person said yes and he asked again “You want it back? Why?” Styles then playfully mimicked the fan’s response “because”.

He proceeded to chuck the nugget back into the crowd and said “All right here you go. Don’t eat it,” he advised as the nugget was on the floor.

Before going back to singing songs, Styles joked “Would anyone else like to throw any objects?”

Rapper Walked Off The Stage

Getting chicken nuggets thrown on stage is better than being hit by water bottles. Earlier in July, rapper Kid Cudi walked off the stage after a bottle hit him in the face.

The bottle hit him in the face immediately after he asked the ‘entitled fans’ to not throw bottles at him and said that he would walk off if they did.

This is not the first time that someone has thrown stuff at the stage. It is an age-old tradition where people threw stuff at the person performing to get their attention. Some of the items included bras, letters, posters, etc.

Things Thrown On Stage

Over the years, the items thrown have evolved. People now even throw their phones on stage. On one such occasion when a fan threw their phone on stage at a Jonas Brother’s concert, Joe Jonas proceeded to pick up the phone and record them performing.

Harry Styles has also gotten all kinds of items thrown on the stage. When he was with One Direction, a fan threw a water bottle that hit him right in his private area and he fell down.

In 2018, a fan threw their unlocked phone on stage. Harry Styles proceeded to pick it up and called the person’s mother! He then playfully hid the microphone behind his back as he continued speaking on the phone with a cheeky smile on his face!

After the conversation, he threw the phone back at the owner and went back to performing. In another such incident, he proceeded to use the fan’s phone to text their father.

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