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Hari Kondabolu Guest Hosted ‘Midday’ at WNYC this Week

Comedian Hari Kondabolu was back at WNYC this week, guest hosting the program “Midday.” The podcast is a “conversation where New Yorkers turn to each afternoon for insight into contemporary art, theater, and literature, plus expert tips about the ever-important lunchtime topic: food.” Kondabolu, who has hosted this before, returned with a slew of great guests.

Some of the artists Kondabolu spoke to this week include fellow South Asian comedian Aparna Nancherla about her episode on Netflix’s “The Standups,” he spoke to singer M.I.A. about her upcoming autobiographical film. Kondabolu spoke to actors Sean Penn, Andie MacDowell, author Amy Siskind, activists Naina Khanna, Steven Thrasher, Avram Finkelstein, theoretical physicist Leonard Mlodinow and more. He also spoke to his brother Ashok on the show to discuss the Kondabolu Brothers podcast.

This guest hosting gig suits Kondabolu’s comedic personality well. He shares a great rapport with everyone he is speaking to and asks questions that almost everyone will want answers to. Let’s hope he returns soon and until then, we have the Kondabolu Brothers podcast to look forward to. After the success of his documentary “The Problem with Apu,” Kondabolu is scaling various forms of comedy. You can also catch him as he embarks on a countrywide tour starting in April or attend the live podcast taping with the two brothers.

All of the episodes and segments guest hosted by Kondabolu are live on WNYC.



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