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Grantchester Season 8: Robson Green Shares an Update About Renewal

Season seven’s incredible cliffhanger ending has hit hard the feelings of fans who were waiting for Geordie and Will to realize their mistakes and move on ahead.

But the season has ended on April 15th with its finale episode. Fans are sitting tight right at the spot digesting the fact that Geordie and Will won’t make it to season 8. 

Grantchester is undeniably one of the best mystery thrillers that happened on TV since 2014. The British ITV detective drama running since 2014 giving us an extensive 7 seasons has hooked our eyes with its disruptive writing and amazing cast.

With its latest installment released finished just 4 days ago, the show has left fans wondering whether Grantchester will be back on their screens for the 8th season. Here’s what we have for you!

Grantchester Season 8: Is It Renewed?

The Grantchester team is finally at peace after delivering season 7 filled with gripping storylines and mysteries. But the fans are wondering if they’ll be able to satisfy their curiosity about the cliffhanger ending from season 7.

Luckily our beloved Geordie played by Robson Green has revealed that network ITV has got the green light on negotiations. Robson has shared that there could be a potential season 8 cooking up by the network ITV.

He has shared that the network is planning on a season 8, ITV would love to do another round of the series but everything has to be in place. Other cast members have to agree to be on the board. 

So, let’s not jump the gun here and focus on the mainline which is that season 8 is being up for negotiations. 

Season 7 has seemed to make a conclusion with various plots and character endings left behind. But after Robson’s revelation around season 8 can be a little relief for the eager fans. 

Grantchester Season 8: Do we have a release date yet?

Finally, there is a moment of relief for the Grantchester fans as the series is probably going to come back for another season after Robson’s conversation about Season 8.

Hopefully, there won’t be a long wait for the season to arrive as the announcement for the potential renewal took place. However, there has not been an official statement for the same. 

Grantchester Season 8: Who all are returning?

 Considering season 7’s ending and characters’ places leaving room for future scenes, the show is expected to bring the primary cast returning to reprise their roles in season 8.

The original crime solving duo led by Robson Green and Tom Brittany. The series will also feature James Norton, Morven Christie, Tessa Peake-Jones, Al Weaver, Kacey Ainsworth, Oliver Dimsdale and Charlotte Ritchie. 

Grantchester Season 8: Expected Plot

Considering the cliffhanger ending in the season 7, it is expected to move things accordingly.

Also mentioning the aftermath of an impressive compilation of Geordie and Reverend’s love lives. The show will be expected to explore the next stage of their lives. 

Here you go! This is all you need to know before gearing up for the 8th season of Grantchester.

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