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‘Grand Crew’ Renewed for Season 2 at NBC

We are already ready to chill with the crew again. 

This is what every people want to see. Another sitcom from the well-known platform NBC has some exciting news in store for its viewers.

The show centers around some buddies who always find enjoyment in career changes, romantic problems, and other situations as they lead their great experience as young Black professionals in Los Angeles.

Noah is a hopeless romantic who is too eager to find a wife. And his sister Nicky chooses to live her life to the fullest with Sherm, an unforeseen genius who performs the dating odds.

Then there’s Anthony, a finance guy who is all about his career; and Wyatt, who is content to be married and out of the dating scene, make up the cast.

No matter how hectic life becomes, they always make time to visit their favorite tavern for great laughs and wonderful wine. Everyone’s concerned about the renewal status of the show. And today, we’ve got you covered.

‘Grand Crew’ Season 2 Is Officially Been Green Lit By NBC

Time for some wine-loving friends to dining. Because ‘Grand Crew’ the extraordinary sitcom has officially been renewed for a second season at NBC.

You’ll be happy to know that the first season of Universal Television’s ‘Grand Crew’ attracted 17 million total viewers across all platforms, according to the broadcaster, and the debut episode was NBC’s #1 digital comedy premiere on Peacock. That’s quite impressive, isn’t it?

We’ll be getting more wine tasting buddies, and we can’t wait to watch them delight us even more. This group of buddies in Grand Crew, especially the bubbly Nicole Byer, is intriguing. The cast is pleasant overall, which is a vital component of any show.

Any combination of these characters is entertaining and amusing. The show distinguishes itself with outstanding cast interaction and lived-in performances.

We’re happy that NBC did the correct thing by renewing the show for a second season because of the richness of the characters and the humor of the performers.

Let’s Talk About The Amazing Characters Of ‘Grand Crew’

Wine, friendship, and life.

Any show requires a wonderful ensemble, and it appears that ‘Grand Crew’ is stocked with everyone’s favorite characters. Let’s look at the characters before we conclude the piece with the good news of the renewal.

  • Echo Kellum as Noah Koles – Nicky’s brother and a hopeless romantic who believes his life is a rom-com. Well, it’s not that weird to believe this, right?
  • Nicole Byer as Nicky Koles – Noah’s sister and with that a realtor.
  • Justin Cunningham as Wyatt Fields – Oh yes, the show features a ‘married friend’ too.
  • Aaron Jennings as Anthony Holmes – Along with being Sherm’s roommate Anthony is an accountant and yeah vegan.
  • Carl Tart as Sherm Jones – We also have Anthony’s roommate who is a journeyman.
  • Gracie Mercedes as Fay – If there’s a ‘married person’ the squad also has a ‘divorce friend’. Well, Fay is new to the crew and works at the crew’s hangout.

We’re excited to see our favorite characters again. What are your thoughts on the status of renewal? You are welcome to tell us about your favorite character from the show. The comment section is open for a healthy discussion.

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