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Grace and Frankie Season 8 Canceled? Marta Kauffman Has an Explanation

Every now and then, we come across a show that becomes an inevitable part of our lives. The emotional bond with a particular show stretches to such an extent that we pray for it to never end.

But that’s what’s the worst part of living in a world that is rapidly growing and leaving past things that once made them more alive. 

Similarly is the case with Netflix’s original show “Grace and Frankie”. The Emmy nominated show featuring the eternal BFFs dropped its last installment today April 29th.

The series starring Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin bid goodbye to the fans with season 7 as their final mark on the world of comedy. 

The brilliant comedy series that introduced people to a different set of comedy with the eyes of two elderlies paving their way to make us laugh and eventually be a part of our lives with their phenomenal seven seasons.

But there is some bad air flowing through the internet enquiring whether their favorite grannies will return for season 8. Here’s what we know!

Grace and Frankie bid goodbye with the season 7

The American comedy series premiered its first season in 2015 and we all know it’s been a thrilling ride since then. The Netflix original show is created by Marta Kaufman and Howard J. Morris starring the ever-green Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin. 

Despite being launched in 2015, the sitcom has been a hit and has had quite a long shelf life as well. With characters who have to come to terms with their husbands being gay, it’s often an overlooked show in spite of its very distinct quality.

The final season of Grace and Frankie released the first 4 episodes in August 2021 with the remaining 12 episodes released today April 29th. The show has finally reached its end destination giving fans a roller coaster ride of years of laughs. 

Why isn’t Grace and Frankie returning for season 8?

For those who seem to have undergone a sad shock after hearing some things online about the show not coming back for its season 8. Well, it is true and the makers themselves feel that way.

Marta Kauffman who is one of the creators of the show opened up about the ending of the show. According to a few sources Kauffman said that she saw this coming their way.

She explained how Netflix is not focusing on producing or featuring long-term shows now. She also included that she feels safe about the season 7 finally hitting the platform. 

Kauffman also added that the team initially fixated on going far till 7 seasons. She talked about the streaming industry’s interests that conflict with the selling idea of telling stories about older women.

She said, “it’s a little scary that there might not be more shows with women at a certain age”. “We’re so grateful that our show has been able to deal with issues that have really connected to our grand generation”.

Grace and Frankie season 7 is streaming now on Netflix. Stream up for the last and final goodbye to our old BFFs.

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  1. Will really miss the show Grace and Frankie will watch last episode on Netflix it’s May now so hopevtomgetbitnon Netflix.Sad the network doesn’t have a clue how we loved the show with women over a certain age there are one hell of a lot of us,network needs to wake up to us. Thanks for all the laughs and reminding us we aren’t dead after a certain age.


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