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Good Sam Season 2: Is it Renewed after an Amazing Season 1 Finale?

The good old medical dramas have a certain power to intrigue your inner urge to wear that white coat and dedicate your life to saving the people.

The roller coaster of emotions and the critical timings of the medical show’s storylines is what makes us crave a career built to heal people. 

Good Sam is one of the amazing shows that fit in the above description by all means. The medical drama series aired its first episode on CBS on January 5th, 2022.

The series showed potential to the genre of medical dramas as it featured dynamic relationships between the characters that added depth to the narrative.

The series had its finale on May 4th marking the end of season 1 and opening up a thread of conversation between the fans and the network for the renewal of season 2.

The show ended on a cliffhanger giving hopes to the fans for a future ahead. Here’s everything you need to know.

Good Sam Season 2: Is It Renewed?

The American medical drama series starring the icons Sophia Bush and Jason Isaac premiered its last episode freshly yesterday on May 4th.

The first season created by Katie Wech for CBS consisted of a total of 13 episodes. 

The show follows a complicated father-daughter relationship in the workplace, with this series set around a hospital. The dramatic premise has been seen as a highlight by both critics and fans alike.

The first episodes of ‘Good Sam’ did not receive much attention, but as the season progressed, ratings also increased.

The last we saw was Dr. Sam Griffith’s brewing tension related to his father’s coma who is also the boss of the Lakeshore Sentinel Hospital.

Seems like things are still running tight on Sam’s end as he is struggling to manage the dual life.

There has been no hint or official announcement by the streaming network CBS or by the creators of the show regarding the update on season 2. 

However, considering the ending of the show and how things are left, we can and hope to see an announcement coming our way soon.

Good Sam Season 2: Do we have a release date?

As mentioned above, there have been no official announcements for the renewal of season 2. Although we do want one soon.

Considering the network’s history of renewing shows has been predictable but it depends on the audience response and the live ratings for the show.

The network CBS is known for producing long running series, especially in the crime and action genre. To experiment with a medical show and give seasons comes down to the ratings and the responses. 

Good Sam broadcasted their first four episodes on a weekly basis but they took to a break to broadcast the episodes in February due to the lesser live ratings.

The show received of total 0.5 live rating with over 2.59 million viewers on the finale premiere night. 

Good Sam Season 2: Expected Cast

If the show has the potential to return for the second season, the primary cast would be expected to reprise their roles including Sophia Bush, Jason Isaac, Skye P. Marshall, Omar Maskat, Michael Stahl-David and Davi Santosa.

Considering the show picked up its pace after certain episodes, we can expect the network to announce the arrival in a few bit.

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  1. Hate that Good Sam has not been on steady, cancellations and delays. They didn’t advertise that last week was the season finale, hope it gets a better chance next season


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