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‘Glee’ Co-stars Lea Michele and Jonathan Groff’s Relationship Explored

We know you all are pretty excited to learn more about what’s cooking between the American actress Lea Michele and Jonathan Groff. Read the article further to catch more insights into the relationship that the two of them share.

What did Jonathan have to say about Lea?

Groff spilled the beans on working with Michele in the documentary and he also revealed that at that time he was learning more about his sexual identity, before coming out as gay. He said, “We made out so hard in this play. We would have like sweat, and snot was coming out of my nostrils, and saliva, and tongues, and mouths.”

The Glee star further added, “Lea and I were given this material where we had to fall in love. But the first thing I felt was, ‘They’re going to know I’m gay. F—. I never had sex with a girl, I’m in the closet. I’m just going to pretend that I know what I’m doing.”

The 37-year-old concluded by saying, “I wanted the choreography to tell me what to do and give me the moves and allow me to express myself, and thank God for [director] Michael Mayer.”

Michele and Jonathan are close buddies

The duo became so close during their course of time in the show, that they would just hang out together when the curtains went down. In the documentary, Lea candidly said, “At one point, I literally showed him my whole vagina”, to which Groff replied, “I can confirm that.”

Michele further added, “He was like, ‘I’ve never seen a woman’s vagina before. Would you show me?’ And I was like, ‘Sure.’ And I took a desk lamp … and showed him. That’s how close we are…. But I’ve never seen Jonathan naked. I’ve never seen his penis.”

During an interview with People, ahead of the documentary’s premiere, Lea said, “I’m so grateful that we connected in the way that we did so that we were then able to go on the stage and then have that level of trust.”

The Scream Queens continued, “If we didn’t, I think it would’ve been really impossible and just so challenging to have to tackle that material every night with someone that you don’t feel that safety and trust with. We had to be in love, and it just so happened that we met to do this show, but I feel like we would’ve met some way or another in life. Because we were meant to be in each other’s lives.”

Lea offers to carry Groff’s baby

Michele stated that she would happily carry Jonathan’s baby if he wants to be a dad someday down the road. She told her former Spring Awakening co-star, “I’ll carry your baby. I will.” For those of you who are unaware, Jonathan came out as gay in the year 2009 in an interview with People.

When Groff heard his pal say that she would be there for him if he wanted to be a father in the future. He said, “You will?” to which she responded, “Hell yeah! I love being pregnant. It’s so much fun.”

When did Lea and Jonathan meet each other?

Michele and Groff met each other for the first time in the year 2006. They met on the sets of the Broadway musical Spring Awakening as Wendla and Melchior, respectively. Over the years, their friendship has just grown stronger.

The duo became more close when the two of them starred in Glee. He played the role of Jesse St. James in the show. On the other hand, Lea essayed the character of Rachel Berry from 2009 to 2015.

The friendship between these two is very strong, Lea also asked him to be her maid of honor at her wedding to the businessman Zandy Reich.

The New Year’s Eve actress began dating Reich in 2017 and then she got engaged to the love of her life on April 28, 2018. The couple tied the knot on March 9, 2019, in Napa, California. They recently completed a total of 3 years together.

In May of 2020, Lea announced that she was expecting her first child with her partner. The pair welcomed their first baby, a precious little boy on August 20, 2020. They decided to name their son Ever Leo.

How did the fans react to the wild statement of Lea?

As soon as the news of Lea exposing herself to her BFF Groff came out, the fans just couldn’t keep their cool, they began reacting to the entire situation on the social media platform Twitter.

One user wrote, “lea michele telling the world she showed her 🐱  to jonathan groff for educational purposes .. elon musk buying twitter .. misha collins apologizing for accidentally saying he’s bisexual and coming out as straight .. what goes on today”

Another fan tweeted, “Lea Michele showing Jonathan Groff her vagina under desk lamp lighting bc he’s gay”

Followed by a user who tweeted, “today is peak “you really had to be there” bc lea michele saying she showed her pussy to jonathan groff and misha collins coming as straight happening on same day as elon musk buys twitter is just?!?”

One user wrote, “The Lea Michele letting Jonathan Groff inspect her vagina thing is literally just theater kid behavior. Like it’s not that weird given the context (theater people are fucking freaks)”

Another user tweeted, “oh hello lea michele my former cast mate on glee and current co star in the HBO spring awakening documentary! im so glad you are such an ally to me for being gay, why do you have a desk lamp-“

Another one tweeted, “My brain catching up on Elon Musk buying Twitter, Lea Michele showing Jonathon Groff her vagina under desk lamp lighting (???) and Misha coming out as straight after saying he was bisexual, all after a day of wild ups and downs in my actual life”

These were a few reactions of the fans to the whole news swirling in the air about Michele and her best friend Jonathan Groff. Don’t forget to stay tuned with us for the latest updates from the world of showbiz.

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