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Ginny & Georgia Season 2 Soundtrack: Every Song Featured in the Show

Ginny & Georgia is back with its second season and continues to entertain the audience with the gripping story of the mother-daughter duo. The second season follows how Ginny deals with the fact that her mother is a murderer.

The drama is exemplified by the songs that feature in every episode. The first season was widely appreciated for its music, and keeping up with the trend, the second season also features a number of beautiful tracks. Here are all the songs that appear in Ginny & Georgia season 2.

Ginny & Georgia Season 2 Soundtrack

The soundtrack comprises the work of several acclaimed artists, including Justin Bieber, Stephen Sanchez, Em Beihold, and Black Pumas. Here is the list of all the tracks that feature in the show:

Episode 1: Welcome Back, Bitches!

Episode 2: Why Does Everything Have To Be So Terrible, All The Time, Forever?

Episode 3: What Are You Playing at, Little Girl?

Episode 4: Happy My Birthday to You

Episode 5: Latkes Are Lit

Episode 6: A Very Merry Ginny & Georgia Christmas Special

Episode 7: We’re Going to Serenade the Sh*t Out of You

Episode 8: Hark! Darkness Descends!

Episode 9: Kill Gill

Episode 10: I’m No Cinderella

Who has Composed the Music for Ginny & Georgia?

The soundtrack for the show has been curated by Lili Haydn and Ben Bromfield, who have also composed the background score. The two recently talked about how they blended different genres to create the perfect soundtrack and score as per the story.

“There are certain times in the show where we have to really go into pop music mode. Different genres of music require different things for production. A lot of more classically-oriented score, it’s more about the writing, and the players, and the recording quality, and then other types of music, it’s like, just really intense production,” said the composers.

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