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General Hospital Spoilers: 19th July to 23rd July 2021

Yes, that’s right! We are BACK with General Hospital Spoilers and as unbelievable as it may sound to you, we have the track from July 19th to July 30th.

Sounds amazingly unbelievable, right? 

General Hospital

Well, keep reading to find out every bit of dit of GH two weeks ahead. There is a lot that is going to happen, a surprise reunion, major revelation, and you gotta stay hooked to find it all out!

Let’s dive down.

July 19 – July 23: General Hospital Spoilers

From here, we could see a lot of hints on the way for Sonny to return anytime now. On the other hand, Nina is also digging the pool and is being tight-lipped about all the secrets.

General Hospital Spoilers – Monday, July 19

Recap of Monday’s episode, Maxie bids goodbye to her baby, Spencer comes out clean in front of Cam and Joss, and finally, the pilot shares a new piece of information with Valentin and Anna.

Sonny shares the status of his life while he was in Nixon Falls. Furthermore, Lynn was seen making arrangements for Maxie and Lousie so they could be together.

All of Nikolas’ efforts go to vain.

And wait, how is Trina going to react to Joss’ news?

GH Spoilers – Tuesday, July 20

Expect some warm closeness between Finn and Elizabeth. Violet being Violet, decides to give them an opportunity to be together.

Trina feels she was lied to. Joss and Cam spend the time of their lives enjoying beside the Metro Court Pool.

Nikolas surely has a lot coming his way!

General Hospital Spoilers – Wednesday, July 21

Chase was very realistic when he dumped his frustration onto his wife. Her reaction is what we wait for!

The Metro Court Pool, recently discovered, is the right spot especially when we know Britt had a surprise reunion.

Jordan is definitely looking for answers from Nikolas, will he get them?

Portia and Terry team up; Stella has to confront Shawn. Seems like there is no other way for Stella.

GH Spoilers – Thursday, July 22

Jordan loses hope! We are sad about it too!

Chase pushes to the maximum he can during his therapy sessions.

Anne and Dante have a lot of catching up to do about her latest findings.

Valentin has been overly sweet to Lynn ever since she gave birth. Therefore, Lynn being guilty about hiding a secret from him for such a long time could be hurtful.

What we await is Sasha’s reaction when Brando kneels down with his feelings for her and how he sees a future!

General Hospital

GH Spoilers – Friday, July 23

Trina always found Ana to be a good mentor. Therefore, Trina decides to make things better between Ana and her husband.

Sam swifts around to see his Mom.

Oh wait, Why is Nina back to Nixon Falls? We can guess, though!

Anna figures out who might be on the roof of the hospital accompanying Peter. She has information, how far will she go?

Monica seems to be always there for Jason when he needs someone to talk to.

That is all to expect right now folks! There are some burning moments in the upcoming and you just gotta be ready for it.

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