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General Hospital Actress Haley Pullos Arrested After A Horrible Car Crash

Haley Pullos, known for her role as Molly Lansing-Davis in the American daytime soap opera, General Hospital, was arrested and charged with a DUI after being involved in a horrific car crash in Pasadena, California. Pasadena Fire Department also shared images taken from the crash site on Twitter.

Haley Pullos Found With Marijuana Edibles and Mini-Bottles of Tequila

Californian-born actress, Haley Pullos was arrested in April and charged with DUI after already being involved in a hit-and-run case. The actress reportedly was drinking on the 134 freeway when “she swerved, jumped over a median barrier, and started driving the wrong way toward oncoming traffic.”

She ended up colliding with another car, going at approximately 60 mph. Soon after the incident, Pasadena Fire units responded to a traffic collision. Patient care was given to the occupants of both vehicles.

Authorities stated, “Pasadena Fire units responded to a traffic collision requiring rescue at the 134 Freeway/Orange Grove exit early this morning. Arriving units found two vehicles involved, with one person trapped, after a reported head-on collision.”

It continued: “Fire personnel extricated one person from a vehicle and provided patient care and hospital transport for the occupants of both vehicles. The cause is unknown but always a reminder to stay within the speed limit, avoid drinking and driving, and never be distracted by passengers, phones, etc.”

Haley Got Into A Fight With Those Who Tried To Help


After the incident, pictures from the crash site were also shared on Twitter. It was reported that Haley slurred her speech and smelt like alcohol. She also got involved in an argument with first responders as she told a firefighter, “This is a $400 f**king shirt!”

Not only this, but she also got physical with hospital staff to the point where she had to be sedated. Haley suffered a few injuries too after the crash. Later in an interview, she expressed that she won’t be appearing in a few episodes of General Hospital.

“Unfortunately, I was involved in an automobile accident and I’m doing okay, but I am going to need a little time to recover. I will be back as soon as possible,” she said. Furthermore, the report also stated that Pullos had allegedly been involved in a separate hit-and-run incident prior to the collision.

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