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Gaslit: Everything About Julia Roberts Starrer Political Thriller

How often do we see Hollywood unraveling and romanticizing one of the biggest scandals of all time? Almost never.

But with the thrilling series Gaslit starring the Oscar winning Julia Roberts, the show is going to put some things in place with its modern take on the popular Watergate scandal with controversial stories and a fresh perspective. 

The Watergate crisis has been one hot mess for Hollywood for years. We’ve seen every facet of this terrible moment in American history played on television.

Gaslit, a new Starz series, takes a unique, twisted, and at times comedic approach to unpacking the controversy and the untold events.

With Dan Stevens making headlines for introducing the show and taking a dig at Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Fans are hooked on their screens waiting for the show to drop. Here’s everything you need to know. 

Gaslit: When is it Releasing?

The highly anticipated series, Gaslit, starring Julia Roberts is ready to roll. Julia Roberts and Sean Penn star in a modern political thriller that recounts a horrific and lesser-known chapter of the Watergate scandal.

The true story of Martha Mitchell (Roberts) and ex-US Attorney General John Mitchell (Penn), who was the leader of President Richard Nixon’s re-election team at the time of the scandal. A limited television series is going to premiere on Starz on the 24th of April

Gaslit is based on the first season of the podcast, Slow Burn by Neon Lyfakh. The series is produced under a division of Universal Studio Group, directed by Matt Ross who is also serving as the executive producer on the show along with Sam Esmail and Chad Hamilton. 

Gaslit: Is There any Trailer?

Fans of Julia Roberts were blown away by her terrific transformation in the new trailer of Gaslit released on March 16th. The thrilling trailer gives us a sneak into the political mess that caused a rupture in the late 1970s with the huge Watergate scandal.

The trailer starts with Attorney General John N. Mitchell (Sean Penn) receiving a phone call from a security guard about some men breaking into Watergate had been discovered. The phone call also takes Mitchell’s wife, Martha Mitchell (Julia Roberts) in the loop because of her knowledge of the controversy.

The trailer then reveals the baddie of the show, Martha Mitchell. A rich character that some praise Martha for cleaning it, others apologize for her well.

The trailer explains at this point how Martha could be held accountable and someone decided to take care of the business. The trailer enlivens the spiritual game when Martha is informed that Martha is nervous and that none of her understanding of Watergate actually happened.

Gaslit: Cast

The top cast includes Julia Roberts, Sean Penn and Dan Stevens. The show also features Betty Gilpin, Shea Whigham and Darby Camp.

Here you go! This is all that’s been cooked up for the political thriller releasing on 24th April on Starz. 

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