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Former YouTuber Jenna Marbles and Julien Solomita Finally Got Married

Ex-Youtuber Jenna Marbles and Julien Solomita got married after almost a decade together!

Jenna Nicole Mourey is a former American YouTuber with over 1.7 billion views and approximately 20 million subscribers. In 2020, she announced that she would be leaving YouTube. Julien Solomita is a vegan chef who also posts videos on YouTube.

Wedding Details

The couple shared a few pictures from their big day. The 36-year-old bride wore a beautiful wedding dress with white lacing while the groom wore a suit with a bolo tie and flowers.

The carousel of pictures included one where Julien wrote “Just Married” at the back of a car, Jenna sat with her dogs on her wedding dress, the couple posed together, and more.

Fellow YouTubers like PewDiePie congratulated the happy couple and wrote “Yay, congrats guys!”. Another YouTuber Connor Franta commented “my heart is full for you two, congratulations!!,” while the tech YouTuber iJustine wrote, “OMG THIS IS THE HAPPIEST DAY OF MY LIFE. CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Engagement Announcement

Not many people know that the couple got engaged in 2021. Usually, YouTubers create a big video around such topics as it is one of the primary types of content that gets the most views. But since Jenna was on a hiatus, Julien shared the news with his Twitch streamers.

He said “A little while ago, this is so weird, I asked Jenna to marry me and she said yes. So, we are engaged.” The 30-year-old also joked that he asked Marbles, their dog for permission to marry Jenna and that the dog fortunately said yes.

He talked about how he decided to propose to her and said that he “just woke up and wanted to be married to her.”

Racism Allegations

While Julien shared a bunch of pictures celebrating the union, his wife has not shared anything on her social media. This might be because she is still on a hiatus not only from YouTube but from all social media platforms.

After allegations of racism, Marbles shared one last video on YouTube where she said that she had made a lot of her old videos private and that she would be moving on from that platform for now. She wasn’t sure how long the break was going to be and if she would ever return to YouTube.

She said “I just want to make sure that the things I’m putting into the world are not hurting anyone. I’m just going to stop, for now or forever. I don’t know.”

She also talked about a particular 2011 video where she impersonated Nicki Minaj and did a blackface, she said “I do want to tell you, it was not my intention to do blackface.”

She apologized by saying “All that matters is that people were offended and it hurt them and for that I’m so unbelievably sorry. This isn’t OK and it hasn’t existed on the Internet for a long time because it’s not OK and I haven’t done anything remotely like that because I heard people say, ‘This is blackface.’ …It’s shameful, it’s awful, I wish it wasn’t part of my past.”

During this transition, Julien stood beside her. The two of them grew even fonder and finally got married.

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