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Former Mayor Cristina Gonzalez Crowned “Noble Queen of the Universe 2022”

The former Tacloban City Mayor Cristina Gonzalez-Romualdez has created history and been crowned the “Noble Queen of the Universe 2022”.

The event took place at the Tokyo Prince Hotel in Tokyo Japan on December 29th. Cristina shared a picture on Instagram and titled it “Thank you Noble Queen of the Universe 2022 for this opportunity to share 😘❤️ @patriciajavier1”.

Noble Queen of the Universe

The former mayor is also an actress and a singer, now she has another accolade to add to her list of achievements. In an interview before the pageant took place, Cristina said that she wanted to become the “Noble Queen” as it would help her provide support and expand her work for abused women and children.

She said that she wants to build shelters like the one she helped to put up in Tacloban City. Cristina inherited the crown from Modoka Kudeken from Japan, who won the title in 2021. Last year, the event was held in San Diego, California, in the United States.

Cristina is the fourth person to win the title so far, it was first bestowed upon fellow actress Patricia Javier in 2019.

Cristina and Patricia’s Friendship

Patricia and Cristina are old friends and the former encouraged the latter to join the pageant. Cristina revealed “Patricia, being Noble Queen 2019, who is also my friend, she was the one who really encouraged me.

She added “Actually, she did it last year, but I told her ‘not yet’ because of the pandemic.”
She also spoke about getting convinced to take part in the event and said “It would be nice to join a group of women who have the same advocacy that I am also doing. You’ll be more encouraged to do it as a team. That’s what convinced me.”

Patricia went on to become the pageant’s national director for the Philippines. She also holds the title of international director and oversees the whole global organization.

In an early interview, Patricia said that the organization was a great way to recognize the participants, their efforts and contributions to the community, and society at large. This would be done by analyzing the various programs that they initiated in their respective communities.

Other Winners

Cristina represented the Visayas. She along with two others won the title of “Ambassador Queen of Humanity”. Leira Buan represented Mindanao and won the title of ‘Noble Queen International” while Sheralene Shirata, who represented Luzon at the pageant was crowned as the “Noble Queen Earth”.

Leira also won the title of the “Ambassador Queen of Respect” and “Best in Long Gown”. Sheralene was crowned “Ambassador Queen of Environment” and also “Best in National Costume”.

Yuko Noguchi represented Saitama, Japan at the pageant. She was honored with the title of “Noble Queen Globe” and also won the “Ambassador Queen of Health and Wellness”.

Jenny Miglioretta from Japan was crowned as the “Noble Queen Tourism” and won the title of “Ambassador Queen of Integrity”.

Being crowned as the “Noble Queen” will help Cristina expand her charitable work and help more people.

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