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Forbes Releases ‘World’s Ten Highest-Paid Entertainers Of 2022’ List

Forbes recently released the list of the world’s highest-paid entertainers in 2022 and it’s easy to easy that the list yells ‘old money is gold money’. Yea, from filmmakers, and musicians, to TV creators, the list includes old players like Genesis and Sting, whose eye-popping valuation stands at $230 million and $210 million respectively. Below is the list of Forbes’ 10 highest-paid entertainers in the world.

1 Genesis ($230M)

They say, old is gold and the 70s rock band, Genesis has proved it right. The “pioneers of progressive rock” topped the list of Forbes’ highest-paid entertainers, with $300 million in music rights sales to Concord Music Group in September 2022. FYI, the money includes solo income from Phil Collins (hit song ‘In The Air Tonight’) and bandmates Mike Rutherford and Tony Banks.

2 Sting ($210M)

Another old player on the top is Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner CBE! ‘The Police’ frontman, songwriter and bassist, Sting secured the second position on the list, with earnings valued at $210 million. The 17-time Grammy winner, who created a wave with hits like “Roxanne” and “Every Breath You Take”, the artist pocketed $300 million before fees by selling his entire musical output (solo and with “The Police”) by cracking a deal with Universal Music Group.

3 Tyler Perry ($175M)

American actor, filmmaker, playwright, and entrepreneur Tyler Perry, known for his television series Tyler Perry’s House of Payne, made a $175 million fortune from BET TV shows and from being the sole owner of his production backlot in Atlanta.

In 2020, Perry earned the Governor’s Award from the Primetime Emmy Awards and in 2021, was honoured with the  Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award from the Academy Awards. In 2022, he was inducted into the Black Music & Entertainment Walk of Fame. A worthy billionaire, isn’t he?

4 Trey Parker & Matt Stone ($160M)

With over 20 years of success in the bag, Parker and Stone are a devilishly comedic duo that has been able to conquer TV profoundly. Thanks to the classic “South Park”, the money they’ve made with their creative minds is commendable. The duo’s combined earnings are worth billions of dollars.

“South Park” creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone are valued at $160M, thanks to their earnings from the lucrative HBO Max deal and “Book of Mormon”. This income also stems from the famous Paramount deal, which they signed in 2021, which guaranteed them the earning of $935 million over six years. The deal was categorised as one of the “richest deals in TV history”.

5. James L. Brooks & Matt Groening ($105M)

If “South Park” creators have made it, how can one forget “The Simpsons” creators, James L. Brooks and Matt Groening? Well, Forbes surely hasn’t, considering the massive empire this quirky duo has made. In 2019, they made a steaming deal by migrating all 30 seasons of the classic show to Disney+ from FX. They earned a previously unreported “$105 million annually after fees”, per sources related to the deal.

6. Brad Pitt ($100M)

Okay, Brad Pitt may be entangled in legal issues with his ex-wife, Angelina Jolie, but the multiple Academy Awards winner is still in the game. Listed in the sixth number on Forbes’ highest-paid entertainers in the world, the “12 Monkeys” star pocketed around $113 million after fees from selling his Plan B production company in December.

Forbes reported that one lawyer stated that “the deal also had Hollywood chattering, it’s definitely become a brand,” adding that “Plan B in addition to producing Oscar winners Moonlight, 12 Years A Slave and Martin Scorsese’s The Departed, likely own back ends and has a development slate that would increase its value. Others weren’t sold.”

Brad’s other attorney stated, “It doesn’t really have assets,” stating that the company only produces projects and doesn’t own them. But hey, Brad earned millions from his recent roles in Bullet TrainBabylon and The Lost City. Not to mention, his January 2022, deal with Apple to create a racing film on Formula One, directed by Joseph Kosinski, for which he will get $30 million.

7. Rolling Stones ($98M)


Rock music lovers know that “Rolling Stones” can never fade away. The 60s rockers, who pioneered the gritty, rhythmically driven sound that came to define hard rock, have come a long way. With worldwide number-one albums like “Voodoo Lounge” and “Steel Wheels”, their large stadium arena tours, by 2007, the band had already recorded the all-time highest-grossing concert tour three times.

in 2021, the aforementioned releases followed by the tours were the highest-earning live act of the year. Mich Jagger, Keith Richards and the gang have grossed almost $136 million from tours and record loyalties. Not to mention, Rolling Stones pocketed “over $8.5 million per night on a 15-city tour across Europe last summer”, per concert tracker Pollstar.

8 James Cameron ($95M)

Director James Cameron is a living legend. With hits like “Titanic” and “Avatar”, the Canadian filmmaker not only pushed the boundaries of cinematic capabilities but also build himself a fortune by delivering the best on-screen experience to the world. Cameron holds the record of having directed the “first two of the six films in history to gross over $2 billion worldwide”.

The Avatar sequel, “Avatar: The Way of Water”, which came after more than a decade, earned him at least $95 million per an insider. Well, the man is the only director with three films, to have three films grossed over $2 billion worldwide.

9 Taylor Swift ($92M)

Taylor Swift has always rocked our souls and has managed to build herself an empire. Despite a long hiatus from touring, the artist returned with a record-breaking album, “Midnight” followed by the announcement of the much-awaited Eras tour, and hey, the ticket surge led to the biggest Ticketmaster site crashing ever amid an insane demand.

Her combined income from physical record sales, streaming on platforms like Spotify, digital downloads and licensing. The 12-time Grammy Awards winner has become the highest-paid female entertainer, earning a cool $92 million in 2022 following the massive success of “Midnights”.

Since the album’s release in 2022, she became the first artist in history to claim the top 10 hot spots on the “Billboard Hot 100”.  But again, much of Swift’s $92 million profit (roughly 70%) comes from her back catalog, including revenue from streaming and album sales, Forbes reports.  And it’s not over yet, she’s going to have an even bigger 2023 as Taylor hits the road for 52 nights across the U.S.

10 Bad Bunny ($88M)

The Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny himself admits that 2022 has been the best year of his life. From giving a stellar performance in Marvel’s Latino live-action film to creating a buzz at the Grammys with “Un Verano Sin Ti”, Bad Bunny nailed it last year.

Known for combining reggaeton (a mix of Caribbean reggae and mainland rap) with Latin trap (a hip-hop subgenre with roots in the southern U.S.), he has managed to charm millions across the globe. The majority of his $88 million income in 2022 came from his last two tours: El Último Tour Del Mundo and The World’s Hottest Tour. And hey, endorsements with brands like Corona, Cheetos and Adidas, were like a cherry on top of the cake!

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