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Floor is Lava Season 2 Trailer and Release Date

It’s hard to believe that Netflix was once at the vanguard of COVID’s domination, with its early pandemic hits that included some incredible shows.

Nobody can let us ever forget this name, but one huge hit that has fallen out of public consciousness is ‘Floor is Lava”.Foor is Lava is the type of show that can only survive through streaming platforms because of its premise.

A show is an upscaled version of games like Dungeons & Dragons that kids play but with some rocky twists and turns including giant surfaces and lots of water. 

Floor is Lava is a quirky TV show that made pandemic days a little better by making for an interesting new viewing experience of what a game from our childhood could actually look like with a lot of budget.

The streaming giant Netflix has had its fair share of bringing new and absurdly comforting shows throughout these years and has yet again brought us another season for “Floor is Lava” to reminisce about the days when Floor was actually lava.

Didn’t quite get it? Check out this article to find out what “Floor is Lava” Season 2 brings our way. 

Netflix Releases a hot trailer for “Floor is Lava” Season 2

Netflix has announced the arrival of its hit game show based on every child’s favorite elementary play game, “Floor is Lava”. The streaming platform dropped the trailer for Season 2 on 9th June. 

This season is looking promising as the show has outdone itself by introducing a full blown volcano filled with lava into the show. Yes, the trailer is featuring some pretty vizzare things amongst which the volcano full of lava steals the show. 

The trailer starts with contestants saying, “this looks harder than the first season” right after arriving at the starting points.

The show announces itself as the stakes have never been hotter directing toward the level of difficulties leading up to the hot lava from the volcano. 

Floor is Lava Season 2: When is it releasing?

The ultimate game show that doesn’t let you touch the floor until you reach the final destination has taken the innocent childhood game to another level with its season 2 trailer. The competitive series is going to hit our screen on June 3rd

Floor is Lava is created by Megan McGrath and Irad Eyal. In the show “Floor Is Lava”, contestants are forced to find their way through an obstacle course, crossing the path using anything but the floor while trying to avoid a pool filled with something you don’t wanna know but are almost tempted by the colours of it.

The challenge of not touching the floor is taken to the next level with ridiculous challenges in this game show.

The series is going to hit on our screens soon, so be prepared with your safety gears as the floor is going to literally be lava this time!

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